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Slow Living, Wellbeing

What is Slow Living and How To Embrace It

With the fast pace of modern life, people are looking for ways to step back and slow down. Hustle culture and being busy has been glamourised over the years, but this is arguably harmful and has stopped us from taking life in fully. Slow living doesn’t have to be a complete life overhaul, where you float around in a beautiful…

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21 Things That Made My 2021 #21Things2021

2021 was a major year for reflection for most people and I wanted to take some time to think about how my life has changed within the year and really take stock of everything that’s happened. While I know that some people had a really tough time during 2021 and really feel for anyone who has had to manage any…

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January Declutter Challenge To Take Back Your Home

The New Year is upon us and with it comes the usual need to sort your life out for the 12 months ahead! “2022 is my year” – you know the one! I’m a big believer in doing things whenever it feels right rather than waiting for a start date, but the beginning of the year DOES feel right for…

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How Hidden Stress Affects Your Mental Health

Have you ever heard the phrase; what have you got to be stressed about? Once you heard that, did you stop to realise that you’re incredibly lucky and ungrateful for the great life you currently lead? It can sometimes feel petty to be overwhelmed by minor life occurrences and therefore we often ignore the need to talk about it, but…

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Slow Living, Wellbeing

How to Sense Your Home and Create More Harmony

Now that the darker nights and colder weather are drawing in, it’s the perfect time of year to change up your home and create extra cosiness for all those nights in. Not to mention lockdown is keeping us all at home, so we might as well make the most of staying indoors this season. Living slow and mindfully means fully…