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    I’m back! Almost…

    Oh hi! You may have noticed I’ve been a little MIA lately. I’m back from an awesome trip to see my family in England and Wales, including two family weddings, my Mums birthday and Mothers Day, plus visiting my Dad for the first time in years!… Read more...

    Monthly Cuppa & Catch Up: February 2017

    I feel like I say this on every catch up post, but last month was craaazy!

    Bought Property!

    To kickstart the month, I got the keys to my first property! So exciting! However, we have been working on the place when we can all month now, and we’re stressing out a bit as we’re behind on all of it!… Read more...

    A Little Blog Update!

    Hi! I thought I’d give a short update on the blog and why I’ve been a bit absent. I haven’t been far or doing anything too dramatic/exciting, just hanging about Leeds and enjoying the teeny bit of sun we’ve had.

    Leeds City Centre Summer 2016

    Leeds City Centre, June 2016

    Now, I am definitely back!…