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    Samsung Galaxy S8: Smartphone Photography

    Last week, I attended an event at The Alchemist in Greek Street, Leeds to celebrate the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and check the phone out for myself.

    Having had an iPhone for the last 4-5 years, I was interested to see what else is out there so this was the perfect chance to get a feel for an android phone for once.… Read more...

    iPad Keyboard

    I love the idea of being able to write while I’m out and about, but my laptop is a little hefty to carry around. Also, I don’t think I’d do full write ups while out, as I like to do that at home.… Read more...

    My Favourite Apps

    Smartphones have become an essential everyday tool, especially for bloggers. From apps to social media to good old fashioned phone calls, my mobile is my go-to for everything!


    Everyday Essentials


    Some essential apps for me are:

    Social media apps.…