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    Why I Charge For Blog Advertising

    In a perfect world I would be able to share all of the amazing bloggers I come across with all of my followers. However, that would get tiresome and boring pretty fast for my readers.

    I’ve come across people talking about others charging for blog advertising, and while we don’t have to justify our decisions when it comes to our own websites, I do feel the need to tell people why myself and others may charge for blog advertising.… Read more...

    Meet The Advertisers: June 2017

    Welcome to a new monthly post for my advertisers! I have started sidebar ads on the blog (look to the right!) and each month will be showcasing the amazing bloggers and small businesses that advertise with me!

    I’m so excited about who I’m working with so far!… Read more...

    Cake Delivery Service by Top Bake

    A cake delivery service, Top Bake, is launching soon and I’m more than excited! How many times have you seen photos of cakes and wished you could have some delivered? As a person who doesn’t really bake, but definitely eats cake, I have often bought supermarket cupcakes, but they’re just not the same, and certainly not as fancy as local bakers’ tasty, instagrammable cakes.… Read more...