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Getting Your Nails Done for the First Time?

As people start to use salon services again, I thought I’d share my experience as a first timer getting my nails done in December. It’s a little unexpected, considering the things I talk about online and the nonsense chat I have offline, but I am the least girly person I know. My sister, definitely more into the whole makeup and…

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Struggling With the Low in Furlough

Hands up if anyone else is on furlough and has had a few low days? Everyone, right? What about feeling guilty because things could be so much worse? OR like you’re wasting the time off work that you always wish you had to get on with other projects? You too? While things may be starting to get back to normal,…

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14 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Child

Have you ever envied that childlike sense of wonder? The feeling that every day is an adventure. Children look at things with an unfiltered mind and find the good in most situations. When you embrace your inner child, you’re able to enjoy and nurture that purity and magic all over again. Some still have that fresh minded feeling. It’s in…

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8 Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

One of the most important aspects of being human is our connection to others. It’s something that over the years I think has been diminished by various values being lost, technology advancements and so on. Being in lockdown and social distancing has reminded a lot of people of how much we took for granted when it comes to human connection….

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Finding a Lump: What to expect at the breast clinic

There is nothing more profound than sitting in a full breast clinic waiting room amongst so many people waiting for and receiving results. Some people are waiting to see the doctor to check a lump they’ve found, some are waiting for an ultrasound to confirm what that lump is, and some are receiving results that are good, while others are…

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The down days and putting yourself first #MHAW

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and while the conversation has opened up for people suffering with diagnosed illnesses, I’d like to discuss mental health for those without. We all have a mental health, and we all need to look after ourselves and learn to put ourselves first sometimes. I wouldn’t claim to have depression, or anxiety, or anything of the…