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    Are you boring people with your blog?

    Okay, I know that’s a harsh title, but why else would you read this? 

    When doing my usual blog catch up reads, I found myself having difficulty enjoying many of the posts. I don’t think it’s that I’ve gone off reading blogs, but I think there’s been a shift in content from my usual favourites – not all of them, before you fabulous ones worry!… Read more...

    Boys Will Be Boys: A problematic phrase?

    Boys will be boys

    Most people will have heard the phrase ‘Boys will be boys’. Innocent enough, some would assume, describing how when the boisterous little shits are playing up, it’s because they’re just boys and that’s what boys do. However, this common phrase has been labelled as ‘problematic’ by some, thinking that it lowers expectations of boys and gives them an easy out for bad behaviour.… Read more...

    When bloggers are not genuine.

    This post is mostly just me rambling, so it’s not my most well-written piece. Something has been playing on my mind a bit lately, but I wasn’t sure if I should write a post on it. Most of my followers are fellow bloggers, so I wasn’t sure if this would be a bit inappropriate.… Read more...