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    Changes To Make In 2018

    Here comes the classic post about all the things I want to achieve and changes I want to make in 2018!

    I could have called this post ‘Resolutions’, but like, how cliche is that?!

    How was 2017?

    2017 was a bit of a crazy one, with an overwhelming amount of changes, too many life issues, and a constant battle if I’m honest.… Read more...

    New Year’s Eve

    We have an accidental tradition of not going out on New Year’s Eve. Instead, Ryan and I spend it together, usually with friends and family. Going out on NYE can be a bit of a nightmare, and while I still love to go out and party, I can do that any night without the expense, insane queues, and overpriced taxis.… Read more...

    2014 so far…

    I thought I’d give an update on my actual life.
    I’m 27 now, all grown up. Pfft.

    1st January
    To begin the year, I had one of the best New Year’s eves ever. My sister had a get together at hers for the family, and we all went and played games, drank and had fun.… Read more...