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    Banyan Bar & Kitchen, Harrogate

    My boyfriend (we’ll call him R from now on) and I love going out for dinner, and are the ultimate foodies with an opinion on everything restaurant-related from the decor to the atmosphere and of course the food and drinks. I was excited to be invited to review Banyan in Harrogate and as I live in Leeds, even though I often visit beautiful Harrogate, I don’t often get to stick around in the evenings so thought this would make a nice change to Leeds City Centre.… Read more...

    What I Did Last Summer: April 2015

    For the first bank holiday of the year, I went to Aberystwyth and stayed with one of my closest friends. I also got to see my family, as they were there the same weekend.
    We partied, we drank, we went to the beach, for lovely dinners and chilled in the garden having mega long chats about everything!… Read more...

    Cuppa and catch up!

    I haven’t been on here for a couple of weeks properly – although I have been quickly reading some of your posts.

    A cuppa and a catch up are needed! Any excuse really!
    Also, look at my new tea for one teapot from good ol’ TK Maxx – so cute!… Read more...