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    Happy Halloweeeen! A Halloween night in.

    I decided to celebrate¬†Halloween with a Halloween night in – any excuse to celebrate something! I haven’t been feeling great, and didn’t have any plans to go out for it, so decided a Halloween night in was the way! I do have plans to go to a friend’s house today (actual Halloween) to watch some films so I am sure it will be much of the same.… Read more...

    20 Last Minute, Easy Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

    You’ve just decided to go out for Halloween, but don’t have a costume? Here are some last minute, super easy costume ideas that will suit most fancy dress occasions – okay mostly Halloween, but why are we restricting ourselves?

    Be prepared for some awful pictures, I have pulled them from old Facebook albums, and look a state, but you’ll get the gist.… Read more...


    I keep meaning to post about websites that I love on here, and I’ve just found a new one! I say found it, it found me. I’ve seen ads for it for a while, but never clicked. And now I definitely feel I was missing out!… Read more...