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    Coconut Lane Haul & Discount

    Coconut Lane Discount

    I am now a Queen! A Coconut Queen! That’s right, I’ve joined Coconut Lane as a brand ambassador because I love their gorgeous shop!

    What drew me in was the pretty prints with many a Mean Girls reference, quirky jewellery and cute stationery!… Read more...

    Aloha Lola Cards

    I came across a lovely artist called Claire on Twitter. She’s great to chat to, funny, and a brilliant artist! She draws cute caricatures and has designed many a blog header or digital portrait for fellow bloggers.

    I took a look at her Etsy site, Aloha Lola Cards, and decided to buy a cute card for my boyfriend.… Read more...

    Beauty Review: Simple Gift of Goodness

    I have been a Simple fan for over ten years. As a teenager, I was lucky enough not to get many spots. In fact, I’ve hardly had any my entire life. Please don’t hate me and keep reading!

    I starting using Simple from the age of about 14, as I wanted something sensitive and not made up of harsh chemicals in order to keep my skin as it was. I had found some soaps irritated my skin a little so thought it was best to stick with sensitive skin products.… Read more...