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    Changes To Make In 2018

    Here comes the classic post about all the things I want to achieve and changes I want to make in 2018!

    I could have called this post ‘Resolutions’, but like, how cliche is that?!

    How was 2017?

    2017 was a bit of a crazy one, with an overwhelming amount of changes, too many life issues, and a constant battle if I’m honest.… Read more...

    Where Have I Been?

    If you follow me and are used to my many emails popping up or tweets showing yet another post, you may have wondered where I’ve been. Or not, but let’s pretend you noticed.

    Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. So much has been going on in the last few months for me and it all sort of piled up.… Read more...

    Weekly Update 3

    hustle (1)

    Hey! How’s your Monday going?

    Here’s a catch up on last week, what I’ve been up, where I’ve been – a general round up so that you get to know a bit more about the Tina hiding behind the blog.
    So here are some bad phone pictures and general day-to-day life.… Read more...