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    Are ‘Girl Boss’ Books Actually Anti-Feminist?

    I’ve always considered myself as a bit of an entrepreneur, but never really thought about the term Girl Boss. It never occurred to me that I was doing anything different to any other budding entrepreneur out there. Not when I was a 12 year old selling things in my garden (I bought things and resold for a profit FYI!) and not now that I’m 30 with a small business and plans for more.… Read more...

    Meet The Advertisers: June 2017

    Welcome to a new monthly post for my advertisers! I have started sidebar ads on the blog (look to the right!) and each month will be showcasing the amazing bloggers and small businesses that advertise with me!

    I’m so excited about who I’m working with so far!… Read more...

    Should Bloggers Discuss Politics?

    On ye old Twitter this week, I’ve come across a lot of discussion over whether bloggers, especially ‘big bloggers’, should use their platform to talk about politics.

    This is more of a personal account of the situation than a pros and cons debate.Read more...

    #latenightbloggers news & pin!

    Our Wednesday night chats are getting busier! Friendships have been made. People keep talking about a future meet. And, it’s got a shiny new pin! Exciting things are coming from this Twitter chat.

    The chat group feels more like a little community than just a random chat.… Read more...