Hustle Culture and how to find the balance
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Is Hustle Culture Toxic and Should We Avoid It?

The idea of becoming an entrepreneur excites many people – working the hours you want to, doing something you’re truly passionate about, not having to deal with anyone being your boss, and having control on how the business works. Entrepreneurship is encouraged now more than it ever was, with hustle culture being applauded across all friendship groups and on social…

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14 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Child

Have you ever envied that childlike sense of wonder? The feeling that every day is an adventure. Children look at things with an unfiltered mind and find the good in most situations. When you embrace your inner child, you’re able to enjoy and nurture that purity and magic all over again. Some still have that fresh minded feeling. It’s in…

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How To Overcome Failure And Achieve Your Goals

We put so much pressure on ourselves every January, realising that we didn’t achieve what we had planned the year before. Along with the dreary weather, dark mornings and back to work blues, January already has enough going on, so let’s remove that guilt and learn how to overcome failure… Everyone knows that ideas don’t always go to plan. Whether…