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Getting Your Nails Done for the First Time?

As people start to use salon services again, I thought I’d share my experience as a first timer getting my nails done in December. It’s a little unexpected, considering the things I talk about online and the nonsense chat I have offline, but I am the least girly person I know. My sister, definitely more into the whole makeup and…

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Lockdown Life & Style During Furlough

When I was put on furlough at the end of March, I was glad that I was being looked out for, and thought in that initial few weeks I’d catch up on some work, do some more writing, and generally live a productive lockdown life. Turns out the past 3 months have been about 50% productive, with the rest on…

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Get Motivated To Clean Your Home: 14 Day Challenge

Are you finding it hard to get motivated to clean your home during the coldest time of year? I’ve teamed up with Von Haus to make it easier with a simple 14 day challenge! Get motivated to clean your home Starting today, I challenge you to complete one cleaning/organisational task around the home each day, that will ultimately result in…

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How to Minimise Your Makeup and Toiletries

Another week, another declutter post! This week, I’m delving into the usually most cluttering items and talking about how to minimise makeup and toiletries (including skincare). Hopefully by now you’ve already decluttered your clothes and bedroom, and can move on to something that takes up less space, but can create extra clutter. January is always a time when I notice…

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How to Achieve a Clutter Free Bedroom

Last week, I shared how to declutter your clothing once and for all. I believe clothing is the best starting point when decluttering your home, as the constant struggle of having too many clothes, but nothing to wear is a common theme amongst us. When you have so many it’s difficult to get organised and there is no space for…

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24 Struggles of The Blog Life

Life for us bloggers is hard. While everybody is out there mocking us for taking just one more picture before eating our now-cold food, there’s so much more going on behind the scenes. I’m writing this as an ode to fellow bloggers, and the things we do to get the job done! Don’t blog? Welcome to the struggles of the…

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5 Years Blogging and How It Benefits Offline Life

On this day exactly 5 years ago, I started Tea Is For Tina. It was the first time I had ever thought of starting one, and I just went for it. I didn’t consider making money or finding followers. I just decided to write my ramblings all in one place and see if maybe others would come across them. It’s…

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How to Declutter Your Clothing Once and For All

The first part of this declutter series focuses on clothing. It is one of the areas that people really struggle with, or even if they don’t and think their wardrobe is great, they will find a way to declutter it. It also massively affects our lives, how much time we take to get ready, how we feel about ourselves, and…

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How To Create A Clutter Free Life

If my family, close friends or anyone who has ever lived with me sees this, they’ll laugh! I have always been known as a hoarder, as even though I didn’t have covered floors (at least not always!), I have always had SO much stuff! The fact that I’m starting a declutter series seems ironic almost, but last year I actively…