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    Meet The Advertisers: June 2017

    Welcome to a new monthly post for my advertisers! I have started sidebar ads on the blog (look to the right!) and each month will be showcasing the amazing bloggers and small businesses that advertise with me!

    I’m so excited about who I’m working with so far!… Read more...

    My Little Box – UK lifestyle subscription box!

    I’ve been meaning to post about My Little Box since I started buying it in November 2016 and I just have to do it right now because otherwise I’ll forget again! It’s 7pm and I’m just writing this and going to post straight away so it’s out there, so I might leave something out – just ask if you have any questions!… Read more...

    Boys Will Be Boys: A problematic phrase?

    Boys will be boys

    Most people will have heard the phrase ‘Boys will be boys’. Innocent enough, some would assume, describing how when the boisterous little shits are playing up, it’s because they’re just boys and that’s what boys do. However, this common phrase has been labelled as ‘problematic’ by some, thinking that it lowers expectations of boys and gives them an easy out for bad behaviour.… Read more...