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    Let’s become a team! #TeaIsForTeam

    Just a quick post, but this Sunday, the first Time for Tea newsletter is coming out! You can sign up at the bottom of this page! (hint or just plain asking?)

    It’s going to be in your inbox every Sunday, with tips, inspiration, great reads, and be a working project between us all!… Read more...

    Blog Goals 2018

    Yesterday I shared my lifestyle goals for 2018, and while writing, I thought it was about time I thought more about my blog goals for the year. I’ve been writing them down elsewhere, but if they’re here, on this here internet, I’m a bit more accountable, aren’t I?… Read more...

    Changes To Make In 2018

    Here comes the classic post about all the things I want to achieve and changes I want to make in 2018!

    I could have called this post ‘Resolutions’, but like, how cliche is that?!

    How was 2017?

    2017 was a bit of a crazy one, with an overwhelming amount of changes, too many life issues, and a constant battle if I’m honest.… Read more...