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    Should we hate Friends now?

    Apparently Millennials, the ever picked on and blamed section of society, hate the favourite US series, Friends. This is almost every headline I’ve seen about the series since it started showing on Netflix. Running for ten years from 1994-2004, have things changed too much for the show to be relatable now?… Read more...

    Film Review: Hot Pursuit (2015)

    *** NO SPOILERS ***

    First of all, I have to state my bias. I LOVE Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon! They can probably do no wrong in my eyes.

    When going to watch this, I was in no way expecting a serious, well thought out film, and I didn’t get one.… Read more...

    Film Review: Ted 2 (2015)


    So I don’t ruin the end or tell everything that happens, but I have explained and commented on some scenes.

    This is my first film review and anyone who already follows me knows my posts go a little like this. … Read more...