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6 Simple Habits To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

My home is fairly well decluttered. I have a lot of things, such as clothes, compared to some, but I like and use everything I have. I enjoy my home the way it is and don’t feel there is too much here anymore. However, decluttering is a continuous process. I’m sorry to break it to you, but even the most…

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January Declutter Challenge To Take Back Your Home

The New Year is upon us and with it comes the usual need to sort your life out for the 12 months ahead! “2022 is my year” – you know the one! I’m a big believer in doing things whenever it feels right rather than waiting for a start date, but the beginning of the year DOES feel right for…

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How to Create a Spacious Small Home

Large houses offer plenty of space, but small homes don’t have to feel tightly spaced or cluttered. It’s many people’s dream to have a light and airy house or flat that still feels homely, and you don’t have to go full minimalism to enjoy a spacious small home. Here are some tips to create a spacious house, apartment, or room:…

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Get Motivated To Clean Your Home: 14 Day Challenge

Are you finding it hard to get motivated to clean your home during the coldest time of year? I’ve teamed up with Von Haus to make it easier with a simple 14 day challenge! Get motivated to clean your home Starting today, I challenge you to complete one cleaning/organisational task around the home each day, that will ultimately result in…

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How to Minimise Your Makeup and Toiletries

Another week, another declutter post! This week, I’m delving into the usually most cluttering items and talking about how to minimise makeup and toiletries (including skincare). Hopefully by now you’ve already decluttered your clothes and bedroom, and can move on to something that takes up less space, but can create extra clutter. January is always a time when I notice…

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How to Achieve a Clutter Free Bedroom

Last week, I shared how to declutter your clothing once and for all. I believe clothing is the best starting point when decluttering your home, as the constant struggle of having too many clothes, but nothing to wear is a common theme amongst us. When you have so many it’s difficult to get organised and there is no space for…

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How to Declutter Your Clothing Once and For All

The first part of this declutter series focuses on clothing. It is one of the areas that people really struggle with, or even if they don’t and think their wardrobe is great, they will find a way to declutter it. It also massively affects our lives, how much time we take to get ready, how we feel about ourselves, and…

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How To Create A Clutter Free Life

If my family, close friends or anyone who has ever lived with me sees this, they’ll laugh! I have always been known as a hoarder, as even though I didn’t have covered floors (at least not always!), I have always had SO much stuff! The fact that I’m starting a declutter series seems ironic almost, but last year I actively…