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    Should Bloggers Discuss Politics?

    On ye old Twitter this week, I’ve come across a lot of discussion over whether bloggers, especially ‘big bloggers’, should use their platform to talk about politics.

    This is more of a personal account of the situation than a pros and cons debate.Read more...

    27 Blog Photo Prop Ideas

    I want to start making more of an effort with my blog photos, and hopefully if you follow, you’ve seen an improvement in the last couple of months.

    I want to set my photos up a bit better for the blog rather than just post a swiftly taken phone pic before writing a post.… Read more...

    12 reasons Instagram is good for you.

    When people talk about Instagram, they mostly talk about the negative impact it has on the user; the pressure that is put on us because of how perfect everything looks, theĀ consumerism, the teeny models making us think we should stop eating, yet pretty pictures of doughnuts that make us want to, and the fact that everyone using it is an attention whore.… Read more...

    3 Year Blogiversary!

    Today I had a lovely little notification pop up on WordPress.

    It was a total surprise because I’m terrible at keeping track, but its my blog’s 3 year anniversary! šŸ™‚

    3 years ago today, I searched for ‘free blog’ and signed up to write online. 

    As I said in my last personal post, when I first started Tea Is For Tina, I wanted to write some opinions and share my thoughts online to see how others would respond.… Read more...