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Natural Skincare Review: So Sona Body Butter

Over the course of the last few years, I have stopped feeling comfortable using too many chemicals on my skin, and while I am not going to overhaul everything at once and throw out all of my products, I have been switching my favourites to natural alternatives when I run out. Body butter used to be one of those things…

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Bottomless Brunch Review: If Bar, Leeds (If…Up North)

It’s been a while since I’ve been for bottomless brunch, so I was excited to meet up with friends over the a few weekends ago to try If Bar, Leeds. Located on Call Lane, we were welcomed wonderfully with drinks straight away. The menu was small, but with a great variety so there’s something for everyone, from breakfast burritos to…

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Back to Blogging Basics

I know so many people that have fallen out of love with blogging over the last few years, including myself, but I couldn’t work out why. Was it the saturated market, was it that other platforms took over, or was it that we all suddenly hated writing. I don’t think it’s the latter somehow. Blogging used to be like diary…

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6 Simple Habits To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

My home is fairly well decluttered. I have a lot of things, such as clothes, compared to some, but I like and use everything I have. I enjoy my home the way it is and don’t feel there is too much here anymore. However, decluttering is a continuous process. I’m sorry to break it to you, but even the most…

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21 Things That Made My 2021 #21Things2021

2021 was a major year for reflection for most people and I wanted to take some time to think about how my life has changed within the year and really take stock of everything that’s happened. While I know that some people had a really tough time during 2021 and really feel for anyone who has had to manage any…

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January Declutter Challenge To Take Back Your Home

The New Year is upon us and with it comes the usual need to sort your life out for the 12 months ahead! “2022 is my year” – you know the one! I’m a big believer in doing things whenever it feels right rather than waiting for a start date, but the beginning of the year DOES feel right for…

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10 Mistakes I’ve Made in 7 Years of Blogging

Since starting my blog in 2014, I have had big ideas and dreams for it, ignored it, loved it, been disinterested in it, changed its direction and so much more. Here are some of the blogging mistakes I’ve made along the way. Maybe you’ll relate, maybe you’ll learn from them. 1. Not using stock images. It seemed like bad practice…

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How to Create a Spacious Small Home

Large houses offer plenty of space, but small homes don’t have to feel tightly spaced or cluttered. It’s many people’s dream to have a light and airy house or flat that still feels homely, and you don’t have to go full minimalism to enjoy a spacious small home. Here are some tips to create a spacious house, apartment, or room:…

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15 Simple Tips for Great Skin

Skin is the largest organ the body has, yet is often neglected or overlooked. While some may have a complicated 14-step skincare routine before bed each night, some people splash a bit of water and are done with it. The thought of a full skincare routine can be daunting for some, but there are some quick and easy tricks for…