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I love that we get to experience all seasons in the UK, despite my complaining about being cold and the fact that I have often talked about how much I hate Autumn. I also love a theme, which new seasons allow a change in. In an effort to stop hating 25% of the year, I have been learning to embrace Autumn over the last few years, and I’m going to attempt to help you to embrace it too. Even if Summer wasn’t good enough for some of us, unfortunately, it’s time to give up and accept that Autumn is here.

Just a moment to let the cynic in me out…

The commodification of Autumn is fascinating to me, and I try not to fall in line with it, and naturally don’t like most of it. Pumpkin spice – not for me! Uggs – no thanks. The fact that it’s SPIDER SEASON! Look, there’s a lot to not like about the glorious Summer leaving us for chillier, darker evenings. However, I have found some parts of it that are enjoyable and have to admit that I kind of get it.

Reasons to love Autumn:

Styling the home – again, Love. A. Theme! I love the colours, little decor pieces, and the fact that you can get away with reworking rooms and adding in the quirkier pieces of your collections. I change the candles, throws, and add some leafy decorations, keeping it subtle, but very much seasonal.

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Halloween – Speaking of above, for some reason I have been influenced in life to care about Halloween. I decorate the home as soon as October hits, wear themed clothing and jewellery, watch all of the spooky movies I can fit in, and usually throw a party. I am a consumer and I can’t stop!

Bonfire night – I love that people come together to watch the skies light up, that we make a celebration of it, wearing our cosiest clothes with a burning glow of the fire on our faces and children’s smiles of amazement. Also, everyone saying “Woooow” at the same time is so cute! It’s such a beautiful night and I care far too much about it!

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The food – I don’t like pumpkin or ginger, but I do love filling, hot meals, Oktoberfest bratwurst and bonfire night hotdogs! For me, Autumn is for comfort food, big pasta dishes, homemade soups and stews, and hot chocolate evenings.

Fashion layers – I’m a Summer girl, so it’s hard to accept that it’s time for jumpers and jeans again. However, last year I treated myself to some decent jumpers that I’m excited to wear again, and finally learned how to layer comfortably. The trick is light layers, FYI. I’ve also embraced browns, dark reds and greens – typical Autumnal colours.

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Woodland Walks – I love walking any time of year, but in Autumn it’s really beautiful walking in certain areas that are full of coloured leaves, thinning trees, and earlier sunsets. I also like that we can layer easily without boiling ourselves. Plus, crispy leaves – obviously! We get so much rain that they hardly seem crispy, but when they are, ohh that’s a satisfying crunch.

Movie nights – Yes, you can have movie nights any time of year (UK people – do we say movies now, or we sticking with films?), but it’s much better when its dark outside and you’re not busy trying to soak up all and any sunshine until the late evening. Candles lit, popcorn and pizza in, and scary movies = perfect Autumn night in.

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Psst! Want to elevate movie nights? We have a projector and it honestly makes it feel so much more special! (There’s currently 30% off too)

Slow living – life feels slower in general in Autumn. Most people have had holidays or the children home full time, and are preparing for the chaos of Christmas events and shopping. Nights in become more common, and people take the change to generally rest. This is a great time to pause and reflect.

Back to school energy – September in the UK always has that back to school feeling that was ingrained in us as children. As above, it’s a great time to slow down and reflect, but also to make plans. None of the New Year, New Me pressure, but that same energy of feeling like you want to end the year on a high.

So, I may still mourn Summer, and resent Autumn a little bit, but we’re here now, and I’ve found ways to find joy within the season.

Do you like Autumn? What else should be embraced during this season?