pink flowers in the garden

Romance doesn’t just exist in love and relationships, you know! It can exist in daily life too, even when you’re alone. To romanticise life means to view it through a lens of beauty and enchantment. It involves noticing the beauty around you in the everyday, seemingly mundane, moments. When you view your life in this way, you focus on positive aspects or add a sense of passion and significance to those ordinary moments.

While I have always taken time to ‘smell the roses’, and appreciated the little things, I now make a conscious decision to embrace those moments and that intention gives me another level of gratitude and joy.

Romanticising everyday activities and finding wonder in everything you do and everywhere you go is one of the best ways to raise your vibes and improve your mood. It gives you clarity and perspective and is really easy to implement even when you’re busy. You can do this with others, but taking time to do it alone can help you reconnect with yourself and reflect.

Here are 37 ways you can romanticise your life:

  1. Journal to document your thoughts, dreams and feelings
  2. Take a walk in nature and appreciate the beauty and sounds around you
  3. Listen to the birds sing for a while
  4. Slowly sip a favourite drink sat in a comfortable, still place
  5. Create a cosy reading nook for time out with your book
  6. Light scented candles during your bath time
  7. On that note, light the good candles – you deserve it!
  8. Embrace all of your senses
  9. Plan picnics in scenic locations such as a nearby park
  10. Explore your city or town like a tourist and discover hidden gems
  11. Handwrite letters to loved ones
  12. Visit and art gallery or museum and immerse yourself in culture
  13. Plant something and enjoy nurturing life
  14. Watch the sunrise or sunset and marvel at the coloured sky
  15. Open a cookbook on a random page and create that meal
  16. Treat yourself to a small beauty treatment at home such as painting your nails
  17. Take pictures outside of the flowers or even bugs to gain a new appreciation for their beauty
  18. Try something new, like painting, poetry, or a sport
  19. Wear the dress you’re saving for a special occasion on a normal day
  20. Take yourself out for dinner, to the cinema, or to an event
  21. Add marshmallows to your hot chocolate or some fruit to your water
  22. Dance to your favourite songs like no-ones watching
  23. Meditate for a few minutes
  24. Plan a movie night complete with snacks
  25. Buy yourself flowers or grow some
  26. Lay under the stars and stargaze for a while
  27. Find a river or the sea and watch how the water moves
  28. Go on a bike ride to see more of your local area in a short time
  29. Start a conversation with a stranger
  30. Do something kind for others – strangers or people you know
  31. Find a ‘flow’ activity – such as embroidery – where you allow time to just pass
  32. Make your car rides fun – listen to great podcast or playlist, embrace the fresh air with the windows and sunroof open
  33. Rearrange a shelf or even a room to bring an extra bit of joy to your home
  34. Create a playlist for you
  35. Dedicate time to self-reflection and gratitude – you could keep a gratitude journal
  36. Surround yourself with loved ones – take a walk together, eat together, chat on the phone
  37. Celebrate even the smallest of wins
book and cup of tea in cozy room

To get you started, I’ve created a playlist with feel-good songs about appreciating yourself and the day ahead!

Can you think of any more ways to romanticise and add moments of magic to your life?
Add them to the comments below!