At 35 years old, I had my very first proper spa day. I wanted to treat my friend for her birthday and thought an experience would be great way to do so. After many ideas, I settled on a day of luxury at Bannatyne Spa, Wakefield. However, I couldn’t let her go alone…so I bought a day for 2!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we’d booked a Spa Day for 2, including 2 treatments (mini massage and facial), plus use of the facilities. Previously, I’ve used facilities at other locations, and had some treatments, but never all in one so I was definitely looking forward to some pampering.

Upon arrival, we were offered robes, towels, slippers and a handy tote bag for them all (you keep the bag and slippers). We were then given a wristband that would allow us access to the facilities.

Spa Facilities

The first area we explored was the pool, sauna and jacuzzi. The jacuzzi was large, could easily fit about 10 people in without it getting too cosy, and the sauna was similar. We spent some time making the most of it before heading off to try the relaxation room, with heated stone loungers and water beds. It was so comfortable in there, with low lighting, but enough that if you wanted to read you could. We got some cake and Prosecco to bring in with us too! What more could you want?


After a couple of hours of pure relaxation, I didn’t even feel like I needed the treatments. I was completely relaxed before we’d even really begun.

In the package I chose, we had a mini Swedish back massage and facial included. You could upgrade for £20 to receive a full massage or a longer, more detailed facial. We both chose the facial and I definitely think I needed it. On that particular day – although most days it seems now that the sun is hiding – my skin was dull, dry, and I had bags you could use for the kitchen bin under my eyes.


The massage was incredible. I hold tension often and could feel my body finally relaxing. I was surprised by how long it lasted and how intense it was considering the word ‘mini’ in its description. It was a back, neck and shoulder massage with focus on the back before turning over to have more around the neckline and chest.

We also had a head massage using oil. They did ask if we wanted oil, and while I think my hair appreciated it, going out for dinner afterwards with slick oily hair just didn’t work for me so I don’t think I’d have oil next time.

SO relaxing! It was really peaceful, the room was perfectly calm, clean, and quiet.


We had a longer facial due to the upgrade, and it was impressive how well it was done. I had my eyes closed and was laid on my back the whole time, with no idea what was being done, but it definitely felt good. You do a questionnaire before entering so they know exactly what to focus on. There was a massage around my eyes, and smooth swiping actions around the rest of the face.

When it was complete I genuinely cannot explain how much of a difference there was. My eye bags had almost disappeared, my cheekbones had come back – I missed them! I was just less puffy all over and my skin was actually glowing. We were then given a recommendation based on our skin for products that might be good for us. There was no real pressure to buy, but as part of the offer we had £10 towards a transaction so I bought the Elemis Superfood range that I was recommended for £32 (after the £10 discount). Just want to add that it was very obviously a commission based sale, but for that price and with the explanation I was given, I went with it.


I was amazed at how much we got for our money, at just over £60 each altogether, we had hours of luxury and fantastic treatments. I think even without the extra £20 add on, it would have been perfect! We’ve already planned to go back again soon. They also do more events there, for example a skincare evening coming up this month that I’ll be attending.

Overall, the service was great, the facilities were good, but mostly the feeling of leaving a spa as if I was walking on clouds was the best and I highly suggest you check out a local spa experience.

I’ve been using this set since posting and LOOOOVE it! Superfood Skincare The Glow-Getters Trilogy Gift Set

Have you had a spa day? Which treatments would you recommend?