2021 was a major year for reflection for most people and I wanted to take some time to think about how my life has changed within the year and really take stock of everything that’s happened. While I know that some people had a really tough time during 2021 and really feel for anyone who has had to manage any major life event due to current circumstances, I wanted to create a positive post about the year. Some pivotal moments and some smaller things made my 2021 what it was.

  1. Started my own business!
    The Deluxe Events Co. is a bespoke luxury event styling company started by myself and a close friend in Summer 2021. We realised we could offer something a little different and already have some great events booked in 2022! I can’t wait to share more, but in the meantime, if you want some event styling, balloon arches (our bestseller so far), or anything related, we’re your girls! Follow our Instagram @thedeluxeeventsco
  2. New nephew
    My second nephew was born in August and I managed to time it right to visit Wales and meet him. He was adorable, of course!
  3. Boyfriend moved in full time.
    During lockdown, we were ‘lucky’ in a way that my boyfriend was unable to work due to being in the hospitality industry down South, so he stayed here full time, but obviously once lockdown ended he had to go back. He has since moved in full time and it’s been amazing.
  4. Hired someone for the first time.
    While I have managed projects and people previously, I have never actually hired somebody myself. Work was becoming very busy and slightly overwhelming due to big projects, but since hiring someone new I have high hopes that we’ll be a productive team!
  5. We got rabbits!
    We got 2 rabbits in September, and they are so cute – when asleep! They’ve been little horrors a lot of the time, but it’s definitely worth it – just about – and they’ve brought even more joy to our lovely home. Things Googled lately include, but are not limited to: How to stop bunnies chewing wires, how to fix wires, can you get a headache from an electric shock, how to stop bunnies eating books/wood/everything in sight.
  6. Honest conversations
    I have always been a fan of everything out in the open, but I’ve had some really honest conversations this year with a lot of people and finally have managed to clear some things whirring about in my head. Definitely recommend!
  7. Had a life coach
    Technically not 2021, but at the end of 2020 I had a lovely life coach and really worked through some things that absolutely helped me move forward in a positive way into the new year. I kept some of the lessons learned at the forefront of my mind and made some internal changes, so I still think it counts as I was doing the work well into 2021.
  8. Home improvement
    I finally allowed myself to do some home improvement and bought some things that have definitely made it feel even more like home. I look around now and am proud of what I’ve created from the empty box I walked into in 2019. I can’t believe how much things have changed in 2.5 years.
  9. Walking, everywhere.
    I have been pretty rubbish at this lately actually, and hidden away a bit more at the back end of the year, but long walks absolutely made my days. Whether alone, on the phone or with someone, I had some amazing walks with beautiful views.
  10. Socialising and seeing family
    Socialising in 2020 was much harder due to restrictions, so I’ve made the most of any time I could have with friends and family this year and it’s been full of great memories. I’m so truly grateful for the people in my life right now.
  11. Working from home
    As much as I’ve enjoyed being back in the office, working from home for some of the year has given me a better perspective on my work/life balance and I plan to ensure I keep that in mind wherever I work from.
  12. Barbecues
    Is there anything better than baking in the sun with some sausages and burgers? I think not! My friend’s garden was the perfect spot with the sun shining most of the day and her excellent BBQ skills, I had a very happy Summer!
  13. Birthdays
    It was so nice to be able to celebrate birthdays again! Not mine as I’m in January and lockdown wooo! (We had an awesome home tea party though!) I got to style a couple of birthday parties and towards the end of the year, I went to the Alice in Wonderland Cocktail Experience and for some fab food to celebrate others!
  14. Finding my people
    This past couple of years has been tough in a weird way for me, as I haven’t agreed with much of the narrative and politics surrounding us. This has made it really difficult to have conversations about it because it’s often shut down before it begins. However, within the past year, more people have reached out and I’ve become even more grateful for those friends and family members that let me be unapologetically myself and have opinions they might not agree with, but don’t judge me for.
  15. Studying again
    This year I have been studying to become a Chartered Marketer with the CIM. It was quite an intense course and the level I did is equivalent to a degree. I definitely still continued bad study habits from my degree, such as last minute hand-ins, but spending my evenings and weekends on coursework felt oddly satisfying, knowing that I’m levelling up and gaining formal education after 10 years of marketing experience.
  16. Fake plants
    This has to make the list! As a well-known plant killer, I finally gave up and embraced fake plants and now my home has some greenery without the effort! I also buy fresh herbs and flowers and have managed to keep an aloe vera plant alive for a while, so it still feels fresh in the home.
  17. Exercising
    I hate exercising on purpose usually, it feels such an effort when forced. However, at the beginning of the year I had a fitness coach and while I didn’t continue with them, some of the habits I formed stuck with me and I became much more mindful and actually enjoyed working out. I finally joined a gym too and it’s such a good one! I mean I haven’t been all December as I’ve been ridiculously busy, but was doing well for a while.
  18. Twitter
    While it is quite a negative social space – and I know I have unfortunately added to that this year – I do find some really informative things there and some interesting opinions and posts. However, I do want to use it more positively in the coming year.
  19. Boyfriend
    Just in general. It’s so good to have someone in my corner, who is an incredible person. He not only helps me with absolutely everything, but is thoughtful, sweet, and caring, fun to be around and just makes life better in every way. So grateful for him.
  20. Cooking and more cooking
    I’ve always loved cooking, but this year I’ve had a chance to get a bit more experimental and I’m basically a chef now! Some of the things I’ve tried have been absolute winners and have worked into my standard dishes now.
  21. The area I live in
    I live in a place surrounded by parks and a canal and love the area so much because of this. It’s not only beautiful for walks and scenery, but offers some great places to sit and relax/read, get some fresh air and catch the sun. Must make the most of it always!

It was actually difficult to think of 21, but mostly because I’m so grateful and happy about every little moment in the past year that even the seemingly tiny things have made a difference. I also worried I’d forgotten something major! I think these are the biggest things that have had an impact on my 2021, and can’t wait to make more memories and improvements in 2022.

Can you relate to anything in the list? What had the biggest impact on your 2021? Let me know below!