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For the last few months I have been working with a life coach. At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted out of it, I just knew I was feeling overwhelmed. I have ideas and sort of know what I want in life, but something seems to hold me back when I’m on my way towards my goals. I guess I just wanted clarity and focus, but what I got was much more.

Disclaimer: I was offered 3 free coaching sessions with Lauren Iles Coaching in return for a review. I have now paid for some more sessions, and below you will read why. As always, my review will be completely honest.

When things change inside you, things change around you

Lauren Iles

The Life Coach Sessions

On our first online session, I went in with an open mind, but was slightly sceptical as someone who analyses myself constantly, does a lot of self reflection, and recognises flaws in myself. I wasn’t sure how anyone else would be able to delve into that without knowing everything about me.

Lauren told me what to expect in terms of how the sessions would be laid out and reassured me of the confidentiality. The session began by me being asked to talk about myself. With no prompts. I realised how little that happens. How on earth can I just talk about myself? I found I spoke about work, things I do, responsibilities and quickly realised that I forgot about just me. Who I am and what I like.

Continuing, I couldn’t believe how much poured out, it was like a therapy session, but felt less like someone was trying to figure me out and more like I was being guided to myself. Lauren’s superpower is in asking the right questions to guide you to your own conclusions. Ones I would never come to otherwise.

Between each session, Lauren gave me a small task to do throughout the week, which involved finding things that fit the narrative I was telling myself. In time, I’ve become more aware of these feelings and thoughts coming from myself rather than just being externally influenced.

What coaching did for me.

I have a very manic lifestyle, or so it feels. During lockdown and being furloughed from work, I realised that it’s not just my lifestyle being busy, but also my mind, that stops me from getting things done. The more overwhelmed you feel, the less you get done.

Within just the first session, we had identified some things that were were preventing me from being at my best, moving forward and taking charge of things. The same issue we came up against is something that I have always struggled with, and it kept coming up in every aspect of my life. Once the realisation hit about why I am the way I am, it all fell into place really easily. It helped provide a balance in my thoughts and bring back a sense of control.

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I came away from a 1 hour call feeling like I’d already had a massive realisation and like it was something that I could instantly improve on.

The coaching makes you question things that you wouldn’t have done before and really take a look at your internal thoughts. Why you are feeling the way you are and how you can change it. One thing that I’ve really taken away from the coaching sessions is to think about how things really make me feel. Not just on the surface, but to be really honest with myself about what is serving me.

Has it really changed anything?

In the past month or so, I have definitely felt a shift within myself, my confidence and my ability to recognise when something is not serving me. Before the coaching, I would always feel selfish thinking in that way, but it’s made me realise just how much easier things could be for me and in turn how much happier I could be.

From her kind nature, to her complete understanding, Lauren has been easy to open up to and made a real difference to my life in a short space of time.

Some of the work we have done has been quite tiring, some has made me tearful, but mostly it has been completely enlightening and empowering. Self reflection is tough!

I’m someone that is mostly so grateful, joyful and positive that I wasn’t sure a life coach was what I needed, but it turned out to be exactly the push I needed to really get to know myself, improve my situation, and embrace my goals fully.

I’ve spoken about my life coach to friends, colleagues, family, and I honestly could not recommend Lauren enough. From her kind nature, to her complete understanding, Lauren has been easy to open up to and made a real difference to my life in a short space of time.

I will definitely be referring back to this post in time to share some things that I have learned, but at the moment I’m enjoying keeping my journey personal and finding new ways to grow.

Have you or would you like to talk to a life coach? Is there anything making you feel stuck at the moment?

If you’ve been thinking of trying a life coach, Lauren offers the first session free. The online sessions are then in blocks of three for £90. Less than £100 to really invest in yourself. Everyone deserves that!

You can find out more at or follow @lauren_iles_coaching on Instagram.