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Large houses offer plenty of space, but small homes don’t have to feel tightly spaced or cluttered. It’s many people’s dream to have a light and airy house or flat that still feels homely, and you don’t have to go full minimalism to enjoy a spacious small home.

Here are some tips to create a spacious house, apartment, or room:

Make Use Of Glass

Even if you don’t get much light into your house or flat, there are a few other ways to add extra space to any home to make it feel more airy and light. You can use toughened glass barriers instead of partition walls or divides. Using glass as a staircase bannister is the perfect way to allow extra light on all floors. 

Hang voile curtains that are white or cream and transparent in your windows to allow extra light in during the day, pinning your curtains back with curtain hooks or tiebacks at the sides to give your window more light space. Keeping them the same length as your curtains and placing the curtain rod higher than the window frame will add extra height to the room too. 

Lighting is Important

If the sun doesn’t shine into your home, add lamps with daylight coloured bulbs for extra light. Warm white bulbs are best for the evening as they create a more relaxing atmosphere. 

Standing floor lamps or wall lamps are great for small homes as they don’t take up extra counter top or shelf space and won’t clutter the room. 

staircase in modern building in daytime

arched wooden framed mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror

Strategically placing mirrors around the home can create the illusion of lots of space. Small mirrors in certain areas are great, but large mirrors work especially well. You could lean them against an empty part of the room in a place that reflects another wall. Or hang a large mirror above the fireplace or sofa, or any other feature walls. 

Create Areas

Using rugs or dividers, you can create areas in rooms that are multifunctional. Without cutting the room off, you can use a rug to create your working area for example, if you need a desk in the living room. 

Less is More

Clutter has been mentioned above, but you don’t need to completely clear your rooms for a spacious home. Using shelves and organising your beloved items will create more space and still allow you to display them. 

To have a spacious small home, it’s important to be aware of clutter spots, such as a full desk. This will draw the eye to that spot and the rest of the room will feel too full. Check what can be moved onto the walls, such as picture frames, or placed on shelves.

Bring The Outdoors In

Too many can add to the clutter, but the odd plant in your home creates the feeling of outdoors and makes it feel more spacious. 

During the initial stage of lockdown, a lot of people, myself included, realised how much we appreciate being able to spend time outdoors. Without being able to sit in the local park, bringing greenery indoors was a way to replicate that feeling of open air. 

Cactus plants and succulents are perfect for those that don’t have the best conditions or a great amount of light. However, some large floor plants can really add to that homely atmosphere without taking up much shelf space. 

Colour Me Spacious

Obviously light walls as well as the above tips will make a home feel more spacious, but it can feel a little bare. You could add pictures to the walls or minimal decorative items to add character to a room and show your personality. 

You don’t have to keep everything light if you like darker colours, but try to create a balance. Maybe a dark feature wall with light decorative items in other parts of the room.  Or light space with darker decor, for example. 

photo of swiss cheese plant

Will you be using any of these tips? Do you have any other tips to create a spacious small home? Share them below and let me know your thoughts on the above too!