a kid with multicolored hand paint

Have you ever envied that childlike sense of wonder? The feeling that every day is an adventure. Children look at things with an unfiltered mind and find the good in most situations. When you embrace your inner child, you’re able to enjoy and nurture that purity and magic all over again.

Some still have that fresh minded feeling. It’s in the walks where a new path is curiously followed. It’s in the excitement of trying something new. It’s in the pure joy of playing silly games or belly laughing with friends.

However, some people have forgotten how to let go and fully enjoy the smaller things in life.

Here are some ways to embrace your inner child and get some of that childlike sparkle back…

1. Let yourself be curious.

Explore that new path or road on a drive, ask the questions you want to, do some things without thinking.

2. Follow your heart.

Have you ever seen a child make a decision? The main deliberation is which thing will make their heart most happy!

3. Play!

Play board games with your partner, children, family, friends. Have a kick around in the local park. Be silly with people around you or even when alone.

girl on swing
Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

4. Get creative – and messy!

Whether it’s painting, drawing, or knitting, let yourself get lost in creativity.

5. Dress how you want.

Wear the crazy dungarees or the colourful shoes. Let your inner child loose in your wardrobe and fully embrace your new style for even just a day. Dressing will be much more fun than trying to curate matchy outfits.

6. Eat the Turkey Dinosaurs…

Or whatever you used to eat as child that you kinda miss. Some of my favourite ten year old Tina meals are ravioli with waffles and badly made hotdogs!

7. Be honest.

Do you remember not caring about what you said and just blurting things out. There are times when this definitely shouldn’t be done, but on some occasions it feels great to be honest about what you really think.

8. Try something new.

A hobby, a new recipe, hairstyle, or anything else you can think of that will change up your day to day life.

9. Build a fort.

That’s right! This 33 year old got her family to help build a fort in the living room recently. Great fun with kids especially, but I can’t pretend I have them for this! It was cosy, with fairy lights, movies and drinks and such fun to build.

10. Love without limits.

Without expectations or your guard up, let yourself fully love. There is nothing as pure as a child’s love, before the heartbreak of life has gotten to them. It’s scary, but freeing to love without restrictions.

person holding white printer paper
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

11. Enjoy treats.

Don’t be scared of the cake or sweets, enjoy them without guilt! Nobody should ever feel guilty for enjoying certain foods. Try and keep a balance of a healthy lifestyle and enjoy your treats fully.

12. Share.

Share your ideas, your goals, your crazy, random thoughts and last night’s insane dream. Share your food – try, okay. Embrace the connection that sharing brings.

13. Stay up past bedtime.

Remember how great it was getting so engrossed in a film or game that you had no idea what time it was? While I believe in getting a good night’s sleep, now and then it’s good to stop the clock watching and lose yourself until tired.

14. Do the scary thing!

Whatever that may be. Whether it’s a move to a new place, a new relationship, going for a promotion, speaking at an event, or jumping a high wall, do it!

These are just a few ways to enjoy yourself without limits in the way that children do and things that I have naturally continued to do throughout my adult life. It’s a freeing way to live and doesn’t mean you have to be childish or let go of professionalism or your adult responsibilities. It just creates a balance and helps reduce stress levels. Who doesn’t want to revisit that childhood feeling sometimes?

What do you miss about being a child? Let me know if you’re going to do anything on this list to try and embrace your inner child.