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One of the most important aspects of being human is our connection to others. It’s something that over the years I think has been diminished by various values being lost, technology advancements and so on. Being in lockdown and social distancing has reminded a lot of people of how much we took for granted when it comes to human connection.

Luckily, there are some great ways to stay connected while staying safe and physically distanced from others.

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Rainbows in windows – a new way of connecting during the pandemic, but each one makes me smile when I think about people still trying to spread joy while home.

Calls – long catch up calls about anything and everything with the extra time we have.

Video calls – seeing people over video can feel awkward at first, but after a while it becomes like sitting in the room with them. My friends and I catch over wine or a cup of tea and spend hours chatting.

Social media – using social media not just to show things, but to access different conversations is the perfect way to add to the feeling of staying connected. There have been some big conversations going on online that aren’t always as broad or diverse amongst your usual contacts.

Friendliness – being kind to the key workers you see, in supermarkets, or to takeaway drivers, and people you pass in the street will not only make their day while they’re hard at work for us all, but will give you some human connection too.

Playing online games – a great way to keep busy and connect with others, whether it’s a console or phone app game.

Forums – finding people who are passionate about the same things as you is always easier online and forums can be a great place to chat about that hobby it seems nobody else cares about!

Sending gifts – a lot of people have been sharing Amazon wish lists on social media and sending surprises to each other or sending friends gifts. I have sent some to let people know that I’m thinking of them.

Of course these are great ways to stay connected after the rules for social activity change, but often we rely on just seeing each other. This pandemic and the lockdown have only highlighted just how much we need to ensure we remain connected.

How have you been staying connected during the restrictions?