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When I was put on furlough at the end of March, I was glad that I was being looked out for, and thought in that initial few weeks I’d catch up on some work, do some more writing, and generally live a productive lockdown life.

Turns out the past 3 months have been about 50% productive, with the rest on phone/video calls, walks, general fun things, binge watching shows, queueing at the supermarket, and cooking! Pretty pleased at the balance despite no real routine or structure, but it took some time to adjust and stop feeling lost.

I believed we would have longer than the initial 3 weeks before lockdown happened, so was well prepared with a giant list of things to do. I haven’t necessarily followed that! However, some of the things I have done might give you some ideas now that furlough is continuing for some and some parts of the UK are still in lockdown, plus have made me appreciate simple things which I will continue when back to ‘normal’.

Another thing I have found a new appreciation for is loungewear. Pyjamas are the best, but not always practical when you need to pop out to the shop, feel motivated, and separate your days. Good loungewear is great for looking and feeling tidy without having to go all out.

Femme Luxe have a new loungewear selection and offered me some to try so they will be posted throughout. Check the captions for links and details.

How I have been spending lockdown…

Video calls

Why didn’t I do this more before? Living away from home, you’d think I would do this more. It was actually my 4 year old nephew calling me daily that prompted me to have video calls with others. Definitely helps the connection with people when you can’t see anyone which is so important.

Scared of video calls? Trust me, everyone has given up at this point! Very lucky if anyone catches me with my hair brushed, let alone dressed up or makeup on. Embrace the mess and see your friends and family!


I’ve been trying out way more recipes, barely eaten takeaway and really embraced this time off to get back to being passionate about cooking. I’m back in love with good food and experimenting with ideas and have had some great meals.

I keep a recipe book open in the kitchen until I’ve made that meal. Some meals are really simple, but it just gives me an idea for something I wouldn’t usually make.


I don’t think I’ve ever done so much writing! Not evident on this blog, but I’ve finally been doing more personal writing and keeping records of things. I have also been doing a lot of research and writing articles that I might publish one day, but it’s mostly been for myself.

Learning Spanish

I started learning Spanish over a year ago when I was between jobs, but it soon got left behind when I got busy again. I got back into it lately and and am actually getting somewhere finally.

tea is for tina comfortable style

Local Walks

I have always loved going for long walks and exploring places, but recently I’ve been appreciating even more where I live. When I moved here, I was happy to be surrounded by parks and often went for small walks to the nearby towns. However, I’ve found some great new places; woods, canal walks, and more parks all close to me. I feel really lucky to live somewhere so beautiful.


I’m really trying to read more as think it’s so important. I often read huge articles, reports, and non-fiction on the computer or my phone, but I’m terrible with fiction. I have finished a book for the first time in a year during lockdown so far, but have definitely slipped again lately.

Grey Crop Loungewear Set – Deanna – Off shoulder top with leggings. My fave style, but a little small in size. More grey sets here.

Getting Arty

On the odd occasion when I’m feeling artistic, I get the craft box out – sounds cute and small but it’s an underbed box full of craft stuff. I bought a blank canvas and painted it in the most relaxed way.

Painting is like meditation for me, I just sit and don’t think about what I’m doing. I’m definitely not getting into a gallery anytime soon, but I enjoyed making my art. I spilled a bit of paint and it added a splash of chaos to the calm of the picture, felt very me!


Always a favourite, I have of course decluttered just a little more. I gave a few bags of clothes to charity, and tidied up making sure everything is loved and has a purpose. Even though I’ve done it plenty of times before, it’s always worth rechecking your clothes, for example, and seeing if they still all fit and make you happy.

Find loads of simple, not overwhelming, tips in the declutter series here to get started.


I started getting into yoga about two years ago and LOVE it, but as with anything, I struggle with consistency. I’ve been trying out different phone apps and YouTube videos to find ones that really work for me and keep me in the habit lately. I will be a true yogi!

Black Cropped Cargo Loungewear Set – Zuri – Love this sportier style! It’s looser and perfect for popping out to the shops, exercise, and for showing off a bit of stomach or cleavage if that’s what you want your loungewear for. Plenty of pockets too. Want more cropped sets? Here they are!


I have been studying a variety of subjects in some form. However, I have recently discovered the Open University free courses and I’d really suggest searching for something interesting that also keeps your mind active. I’m planning to do the odd course throughout the year to indulge in some interests before looking further into them.

I have also just started a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma and when people said it’s like packing a degree into a year, I don’t think they were exaggerating! Starting during furlough seemed sensible, but I think I need to go back to work soon, so this should be fun…

Film and TV

It seemed really likely that I would spend more time bingeing shows, but I’ve been pretty active and busy during this time surprisingly.

I have made time for some films and made sure to properly relax while watching – I often sit with them in the background while on the computer, but I want to take more time out for them. I want to watch deeper films especially as I often keep it light-hearted and easy. Anything I should add to the watch list?

Some shows I have been watching lately are Black-ish (fun!), Money Heist (amazing!), Modern Family (again!), This Is Us (favourite show!). Please send me any great ones!

Were you furloughed? How have you been spending your time? Is there anything you wish you had been doing during lockdown life?

Disclaimer: I was gifted the loungewear sets by Femme Luxe for review. All opinions obviously my own.

In general, the clothing quality was okay, but material was different for each. If you have any questions on any of the above, please email or message me and I’ll try to help.