close up of a woman painting her nails

Some people are missing getting their usual self care treats. Whether its being pampered, feeling motivated, or being able to relax, we’re all missing things that make us feel good outside of the home. Self-care is all about feeling our best and being able to slow down to appreciate the small things, so I’ve compiled a list of simple lockdown self-care activities you can do to make yourself feel better while staying at home.

It’s tempting to try and be productive the whole time we’re indoors, go for all of the walks, binge watch every show and fill our time. However, slowing down and taking our time can actually improve how we feel about our less busy days.

21 Simple Lockdown Self-Care Activities

hot chocolate with marshmallows on clear glass cup
  1. Watch a childhood film
  2. Sketch the dream you had last night
  3. Paint a canvas picture
  4. Start reading a new book
  5. Enjoy a therapeutic bath
  6. Write a diary entry
  7. Paint your nails
  8. Moisturise your whole body
  9. Use a hair and face mask
  10. Clean and declutter one small thing – such as a bag pr drawer
  11. Practise yoga
  12. Play dress up and find new outfits in your wardrobe
  13. Make a playlist with your fave songs
  14. Make a vision board to show your goals
  15. Meditate
  16. Make a hot drink and take time out to only drink that
  17. Try a new recipe
  18. Put on some tunes and dance like nobody’s watching
  19. Do a workout
  20. Take a long shower
  21. Make a special drink – e.g. a marshmallow filled hot choc, a new loose leaf tea, or create your own cocktail

Have you tried any of these or are there any you’d like to? What other ideas do you have for indoor self-care during lockdown?