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  1. Erin says

    I am of two minds when it comes to conspiracy theories. On the one hand, I think they’re fun and an interesting way to try to understand a situation. I studied History and English at university and in those fields you can present what seems like a crazy perspective, but as long as you can back up the theory with evidence/supporting sources you have succeeded. Conspiracy theories can give you possible answers to events that are still a little confusing. Plus, as I said, they can be fun.

    Where I have a problem, though, is when the theories get out of hand and aren’t be presented with facts or evidence. The Bill Gates/COVID-19 theory, for example: I don’t think it’s particularly well argued in the first place (from what I’ve seen), but I have acquaintances who see maybe a sentence about it on social media and, without seeking more information, run with it. Those kind of do a disservice to the (possible) valid research others have done and reduce them to bad memes.

    And, on a personal level, sometimes I can see myself turning into the kind of Hyde from That 70s Show type of person but adapted for the current world: why on Earth would I want a smart home device to listen to and monitor me? It’s not the government watching us in 2020, though, it’s corporations (which is worse).

    • Tina says

      Absolutely get what you mean. I know some people who read a sentence and share straight away which is just as bad as the people they think are wrong? I enjoy looking into them – definitely always after answers, but I wouldn’t just share anything.You’re right, does a disservice to those that do it well.
      I have done far too much research into this if anything. I find it reassuring in a way to delve into all sides, but it also messes with you a bit. It’s dark in the land of conspiracies!
      Haha, I loved Hyde! It’s funny because people say if you don’t do anything wrong, why dopes it matter, but it’s the principle. If you do nothing wrong, why should you be monitored? Also what’s wrong today can change tomorrow.
      Thanks for such a great comment!

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