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  1. Erin says

    It’s interesting that I read this when I did: maybe an hour ago I saw someone preaching about abandoning fast-fashion and my thought was just ‘Easy for you to say.’

    I find a lot of the toxicity comes from this weird culture we’ve bred where we are morally rewarded by acting superior to others. But it’s easy to tell people to abandon fast-fashion when you have the means to spend more money on a sustainable item – not everyone does. It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t use plastic straws (just the tip of the iceberg) and feel good about your superior views when you don’t have bodily limitations that prevent you using metal straws.

    Actually, the worst example I’ve seen was a post on Twitter about using bamboo straws, the caption was along the lines of ‘I can’t believe people are using stainless steel straws, bamboo are SO much more sustainable!’ – you can’t even make the “right” choice properly.

    I’m sure we’re all guilty about it at some points in time, but unfortunately it’s such a bit part of social media it’s hard to avoid.

    Maybe I’ve just had a tough day today and am feeling a bit cynical, but the toxicity is something that has to be addressed. Social media isn’t going anywhere so we should really figure out how to be kinder and more open to all.

    • Tina says

      I absolutely get this! It seems we can’t do anything right, especially online. There’s always someone looking for the mistakes – or sometimes not even mistakes – we make and now it’s all recorded. It does feel very much like everyone is in attack mode.

      Getting something out of acting superior does seem to be where it stems from, which is actually really sad on their part. I just hope that there are enough people who have had enough of it that it starts to balance out. Social media should be a great place to connect, but I fear some online practise is making its way offline too.

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