Bongo’s Bingo is the unexpected, but hilarious alternative bingo game in major UK cities. It’s possibly the maddest night out in Leeds!

I’m not really the bingo night out kinda gal, but when an opportunity came up to try a night of Bongo’s Bingo at the O2 in Leeds, I had to at least try. It’s bingo with a twist; crazy party, glow sticks, karaoke, nakedness, dildos, and anything else you shouldn’t ever…EVER…bring your boss or your Mum to, but more on that later!

I thought it would be like the Bonkers Bingo mini cruise I went on a couple of years ago, but it was actually even more insane!

Bongo’s Bingo Begins…

I thought I would be too sober for it turning up, and too scared to get involved. I walked in nervous and then was brought to our reserved table – at the front! Dreading the night, we took our seats and got settled on the benches. Little did we know we’d barely be sitting. As soon as the game started, we were up on the benches, partying , literally, like it was 1999, to the classics from back in the day!

These guys aren’t afraid to go (b)all(s) out on stage!

I was surprised at how up for it everyone was, there seemed to be no inhibitions in the room and everyone was nuts. It made for such a great atmosphere that you couldn’t help but get involved. The crazy MC and his ‘hot’ dancers helped to get the crowd going, and the random music outbreaks during the games made it a Fitbit loving step up mission. We were up and down on benches, with glow sticks thrown at us, and cereal tipped over the crowd. It was everything you could want for a classy night out!

Crazy party, glow sticks, karaoke, nakedness, dildos, and anything else you shouldn’t ever…EVER…bring your boss or your Mum to.

The second time, my work friend and I thought it would be a good idea to take our colleagues and boss, and unless your boss is really cool (he’s going to love this comment if he sees it), you probably shouldn’t bring them! There were a few moments that could get uncomfortable. Luckily, mine was seemingly fine with the naked man crawling across the stage, and the double ended dildo prize – won by a girl who was out with her MUM! It was such a fun night both times and I’m definitely up for going again.!

The prizes…

The bingo prizes weren’t quite the usual, and I don’t want to ruin the surprises, but I will say that if you’re in the market for a ‘Henry F**king Hoover’ then you’re in luck!

Some people are encouraged to wreck their prizes too. Was gutted to see a guitar broken up, but it looked fun!

There was still a chance to win some cash cash money! I’ve been twice and won fuck all, so it’s obviously all a fix. Not bitter.

Would I go again?

I did it for you guys, but little did I know I’d have a new favourite night out. It’s absolutely nuts and so ridiculously fun. Honestly, I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but since going, I have been again and am up for another go!

I know this isn’t the most in-depth review, but I don’t want to spoil any more surprises. I’m just going to say, open your mind and actually give it a go, because I can’t envisage anyone who’s up for a laugh not having the best time! Also, the drinks are pretty reasonably priced at the O2, and there’s a ‘Spoons round the corner, so you’re onto a winner!

So in summary, go play Bongo’s Bingo, it’s absolute carnage and a mad night out!

Top tips from Leeds’ newest bingo lover:

  • Just try it!
  • Wear shoes you don’t love – definitely not suede ones – they will be absolutely ruined. Also, I have no idea how some girls managed heels as those benches get slippy!
  • Expect your clothes to get dirty too – in fact, just prepare for a generally messy night.
  • Go with people who are up for anything.
  • Keep an open mind!

Have you been to Bongo’s Bingo or a similar event?

You can see more here and book in loads of UK cities, plus Amsterdam if you fancy a mad weekend of it!

Disclaimer: My first trip to Bongo’s Bingo was kindly gifted, with all thoughts being my own. The second I persuaded a whole group to come with me – paid – because it’s just that good!