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I love a road trip! To anywhere, or nowhere. There’s something about being in a car, music on, scenery all around, and usually some decent company, that makes getting to your destination so fun. However, we all want to get places safely so there are some things you should do to ensure safety while taking road trips.

Ensure a Safe Road Trip

Get your car checked

There is nothing worse than a road trip with a breakdown! I’ve been part of major one, and the car being checked beforehand could have prevented a really dangerous incident. I am so thankful we stopped along the way and the car wouldn’t start, because if it has started, we would not have been okay according to the firemen and breakdown service that had to rescue us.

Which leads me onto my next point…

Take breaks

Some people just want to get to a place as fast as possible, but a tired driver is not what you want on the roads! I love taking stops along the way on a journey, and like to make it part of the fun. Stopping for some food, taking in a new place along the way, it’s all part of the fun of a road trip.

Service stations can be as fun as you make them, but looking for a nice place to stop on the way or even visiting a new town along the journey can make the trip special in itself, before you even reach the destination.

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There are beautiful stops on most long journeys. Photo by Maurício Eugênio on

Avoid distraction

Hands up if you’ve ever been in a car with someone or have been the driver using their phone while driving! Is it really that dangerous to take a quick call and give someone an update on your journey?

If I’m distracted when walking down the street and sending a text, I wonder how on earth people think they can control a car and do it.

Distraction is the biggest reason for road accidents. Reaction times are slower when you’re distracted, and you can test this to see the effects on the Kwik Fit website. I’ve had a go and it’s really interesting.

Stay safe…

  • Turn your phone off and or lock it away in the glove box.
  • Ensuring your phone is in a cradle so its hands free.
  • Give the phone to somebody else to hold/answer/use maps.
  • Use the “do not disturb while driving” mode on your smartphone. Smartphones like the iPhone have the function built in, however some android phones have an app you can download for free.

How do you prepare for a road trip? ALL the sweets? Let me know!

Disclaimer: Post in collaboration with Kwik Fit, all content my own.