Get Motivated To Clean Your Home: 14 Day Challenge

Are you finding it hard to get motivated to clean your home during the coldest time of year? I’ve teamed up with Von Haus to make it easier with a simple 14 day challenge!

Get motivated to clean your home

Starting today, I challenge you to complete one cleaning/organisational task around the home each day, that will ultimately result in a tidy house! It’ll require minimal effort and you’re task will be complete in no time!

The challenges will be relatively simple, so don’t worry if you’re not up for a mammoth cleaning session until Spring clean time! This will just give your home a little boost and will be perfect alongside all that new year decluttering!

Up for a challenge?

Von Haus set a task to do one minimal cleaning task a day as part of their 14 day challenge, but because I believe in both cleaning and clearing your home, I have altered the challenge! Of course, you can just do one bit or the other.

For each day, you should do the task listed below, and also remove 3 items from your home, be it something simple like old batteries, or something more difficult like clothing. By the end of the challenge you’ll have not only cleaned your home by doing a small task each day, but will have removed 42 items! It sounds a lot, but by disposing of only 3 per day, it will feel easy and you’ll achieve big results.


14 Day Challenge

  • Day 1: Bins and recycling: sort through all the bins in your house and get your recycling separated. 
  • Day 2: Wipe down your kitchen units and steam the cooker tops. Take it apart if possible rather than just wiping and really remove all the build up.
  • Day 3: Empty and clean out the fridge, freezer and the kitchen cupboards! 
  • Day 4: Vacuum Day: Focus on the floors, give all the rooms in your house a good vacuum. 
  • Day 5: Vacuum Day: Move the big furniture and hoover those hard to reach areas of your home. 
  • Day 6: Clean the windows – inside and out! If you can’t do outside yourself, today is the day to find someone who can! Local Facebook groups are a great place to find companies.
  • Day 7: Wash the curtains and wipe down the blinds. It’s easier to wipe the blinds when they are closed.
  • Day 8: Take everything off the sideboards, shelves and get dusting! 
  • Day 9: Get your bedding, blankets and cushions (plus the sofa cushions) washed.
  • Day 10: Wardrobes: Clear out any old clothing, reorganise and wipe down your wardrobes. 
  • Day 11: Remove wrinkles from clothing, curtains and upholstery. 
  • Day 12: Wash out your shower, shower curtain/screen and/or bath. Here are some tips on how to wash shower curtains.
  • Day 13: Let’s mop: antibacterial your floors and wipe down the tiles all over the home. 
  • Day 14: Finally, take a trip to the tip: You’ve decluttered your home from unwanted clothes, items or food, and might have some extra rubbish, so take it to the tip, food bank or local charity shop as required.

How simple does this challenge sound? You’ll have a fresh, clean home in just 2 weeks!

Hate vacuuming? Me too!

You may have noticed that there are two vacuum days in the challenge. That’s because you probably have a lot of furniture to move around! Doing this in one day wouldn’t be advised. The first day, you can have the basics done, and the second day can be dedicated to the nooks and crannies.

Since getting a cat, I have had to vacuum almost every day and it is my absolute worst job in the home! Thankfully, Von Haus sent me a cordless vacuum to try and it has changed everything!

Everyone should have a cordless vacuum!

Are you ready for me to get far too excited about a vacuum cleaner? I was sent the Von Haus Grey Cordless Brushed Motor Vacuum and it’s totally changed the game. I vacuum daily with ease, can do the stairs much more easily and generally save time not lugging around a big heavy duty corded cleaner.

What do I love about it?

I can grab it and go, without unwinding the cord, plugging it in, carrying a heavy weight around – sounds simple, but we all know it can be a faff just to vacuum a little bit of mess.

It doesn’t take up space. It’s got a charging dock that fixes to the wall, so can be stored in the cupboard and left on charge ready to use whenever needed – perfect for when I haven’t bothered and someone announces they’re coming round!

It actually works! I always imagined they wouldn’t be that great, but it’s perfect for zipping around the flat. It’s so lightweight as well, so would be great for older people, those with bad backs (I know vacuuming is bad for that), and those with low energy or illness.

It’s a two-in-one, so you get a full length vacuum for the floors, then can switch it to a smaller handheld for the sofa, or for cleaning the car.

The tank is easy to remove. Once finished using it, I just unclipped the dirt tank – just testing it out, it picked up a lot and I vacuum almost daily so that was nice! It easily just tipped into the bin, no changing bags or messing about.

Allergy sufferer?

The HEPA filter – I won’t pretend I knew anything about this – traps small particles to prevent re-circulation into the air, which can help those with allergies who get affected by that puff of particles when vacuuming, meaning my allergy-suffering boyfriend has no excuses now! It can also remove allergens, which is even better for allergy sufferers!

Okay, enough with the vacuum…

I realise I’ve said a lot about a vacuum, but I’m genuinely impressed and have told everyone in real life about it, plus have already planned to get one for a family member, sweet gift I know! I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner, and this one is especially good.

As I’m always honest, I personally wouldn’t use this vacuum alone, as I have a hairy cat and I need some heavy duty cleaning items. However, now I can use this one daily, and the other much less often. Plus, this one can be used in the harder to reach places and the stairs so life will be much easier – which is what I’m all about!

Have you used a cordless vacuum? Did it change your life enough to write this much about it?!

More importantly, will you be doing the 14 day challenge? If so, join myself and others on social media by using the hashtag #vonhauscleaningchallenge

Did this get you motivated to clean? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Cordless Vacuum (its genuinely amazing!) and asked to take part on the challenge, which obviously I was up for!