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  1. Katie. lacoconoire says

    omfg she is adorable! you are really not helping my obsession with getting a kitten (boyfriend is allergic…thinking i might have to leave him haha)

    they may be vicious and tiring and expensive but oh my sweet lord, the cuddles make up for it all right?!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    • Tina - Tea Is For Tina says

      Aww thanks! Cuddles definitely make up for it, when she eventually gives them!
      I don’t want to encourage too much (honest), but my boyfriend is allergic to them too. Apparently, if you get them from a kitten, you can build up a tolerance to them. This is obviously for the type of allergy like sneezing, watering eyes, etc. – not anything more serious. He still suffers sometimes if she’s decided to make a bed on the pillow, etc., but is mostly okay. We had to get her at risk of having to give her up if needed. xx

    • Tina - Tea Is For Tina says

      Aww how cute is Pixel! I will never tire of that face! Good point to add! Luckily, Luna can’t get into the kitchen easily, and if she does she knows I’m right behind her! But every time I set a plate down, she sits at the table ready as if it’s for her! Flowers are currently her favourite food, so I have half flowers in the vase! haha x

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