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  1. Hailey Jade Ryan says

    Soooo, can you stop by my place and do this for me? I actually love decluttering, but I’m also not the best at it, cause I’m very sentimental when it comes to things. And also, I don’t like throwing out things that are still perfectly usable, even though I don’t like them. However, I do try to sell things, donate and my absolute joy: a swap party with friends. I mean sure, I bring home a few things, but I usually give away more.

    I think my main problem is that I still live at home in one room. So there is no real distinction between bedroom etc. But I’m hopefully gonna change that this year. Like 3 years ago or so, I decided to completely change my room and I did get rid of a lot of things, but I also got rid of storage space, so I have a lot of stuff stored in the basement etc. I’m constantly decluttering and re-decluttering, but it seems like it’s not getting any less and I don’t know why. I need to think of a better system.

    Anyway, gonna go through your whole series and get inspired. I also watched a bit of Maria Kondo’s show on Netflix and did get inspired. The next swap party is next week, so I may as well declutter, even more. 🙂

    xx Hailey – http://www.haileyjaderyan.com

    • Tina - Tea Is For Tina says

      I love the idea of a swap party, but don’t know many who would be up for it.
      I was the same, constant sort outs and decluttering, only to have to do it again a couple of months later. I think its because I rearranged and stored more than I threw away, and also because I always bought more, but my attitude to ‘stuff’ has changed over the last year.

      I’ll be adding some tips and personal stories after the initial declutter posts are done to help anyone struggling. I still have had to re-do it after a few months, but it was much easier than before, this is just keeping up with it. Enjoy the swap party! xx

  2. Gillian Brewster says

    I’m newly disabled now and now find tidying and cleaning an impossibility. I used put everything on the bed and tidy that way but I know 8 couldn’t manage it now. Have you any ideas as my entire house needs doing desperately? I th8nk it’s going to have to be one drawer or piece at a time at this rate.

    • Tina - Tea Is For Tina says

      Hi Gillian, I am so sorry for not replying sooner. I know I said I would on Twitter, but got caught up and forgot to come back to this. Sorry to hear about your disability too, I hope you’re doing okay and managing to adjust.
      I think my latest post https://teaisfortina.co.uk/2019/02/04/get-motivated-clean-home/ will be helpful to you, as it’s about taking it day by day doing small tasks.
      Another idea – maybe if you can empty a drawer or two at a time into a large box, you can delve into it and decided whether to keep or let go of items, doing a few at a time when you’re up to it. Anything you need in that box, you’ll know to keep. Sometimes when I started late at night, I’d want to get to bed, so found this useful until I was ready to tackle the stuff again without refilling my drawers. Let me know if this helps at all, but I’m happy to keep bouncing ideas around with you to help. You can contact me on Twitter if easier xx

      • Gillian Brewster says

        I tried some small things but got bogged down when I put stuff on my bed and was tontired to finish. So the box idea is a great one, don’t know why I’ve never thought of that. I’m going to try the so many drawers at a time as that is a good slow and steady idea for me to, don’t worry about being late replying, sometimes life just takes over and things happen. Thanks so much honey x

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