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Life for us bloggers is hard. While everybody is out there mocking us for taking just one more picture before eating our now-cold food, there’s so much more going on behind the scenes. I’m writing this as an ode to fellow bloggers, and the things we do to get the job done! Don’t blog? Welcome to the struggles of the blog life.

Struggles of the blog life…

macbook pro beside silver and black cup
  1. Tea in a cute teapot goes cold because we’re too busy taking photos for Insta.
  2. Same goes for fancy dinners.
  3. Phone dies but you can’t eat because no pics. Steal boyfriends phone.
  4. Constantly check the UTC time because scheduling blogs is usually in that time.
  5. Phone. Bloody. Storage.
  6. Talking about something to people and telling them about a blog post you wrote on it, only for them to ignore it.
  7. Avoiding reviews of subscription boxes, chats about tv shows and more on social media, so they don’t get ruined.
  8. Having a load more series’ to watch because you saw a post or tweet about them.
  9. Buying ridiculous amounts of ‘cheap’ makeup because the reviews are so good.
  10. Buying an expensive makeup item you would never have tried, but all the beauty bloggers have.
  11. Starting a post, realising its crap, ignoring it. Seeing it in drafts, reviving it.
  12. Taking photos surrounded by everything you’ve ever owned, because photo props.
  13. Getting new makeup or products and not being able to use them as you haven’t taken photos yet.
  14. Feeling like a failure amongst so many amazing people.
  15. Staring at a screen all day in work, staring at a screen all night at home. Getting blinder.
  16. Losing signal every time you try to upload an Insta story.
  17. Not knowing the tag for the brand, restaurant, etc. when halfway through a great Insta story.
  18. Deciding to diet and being invited to loads of amazing food and drink events – I know, it’s a hard life!
  19. Having to take pictures in the tidy part of your home.
  20. Presenting even the simplest of moments for the grid. Tea and candles? Let me rearrange those first.
  21. Having to be good at marketing, photography, editing, writing, self promotion, web design, social media…help!
  22. Clearing out your house only to fill it with more because you saw someone else with it. Hi decluttering challenge!
  23. Writing some thing relevant and feeling proud, only for the trend or topic to change. Not bitter.
  24. Organising, scheduling, being good at both for one week and forgetting the next!

This list came to me off the top of my head, but if you can think of any others, feel free to share them in the comments!

What’s your biggest struggle as a blogger? And if you don’t blog, do you think we’ve all lost it?