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On this day exactly 5 years ago, I started Tea Is For Tina. It was the first time I had ever thought of starting one, and I just went for it. I didn’t consider making money or finding followers. I just decided to write my ramblings all in one place and see if maybe others would come across them. It’s so crazy that I’ve spent 5 years blogging – I don’t stick to anything! After blogging for 5 years, many lessons have been learned, many opportunities gained, but most importantly, it benefits offline life too.

Starting my blog

Exactly 5 years ago, I was sitting in my bedroom in a shared flat in Leeds, a cup of tea next to me (as always!) and my laptop screen glaring at me. I Googled ‘start a blog’ and up came the platform options, ready for me to begin! Thinking of a name, and looking around for inspiration, I noticed the T initial on my cup, and so was born ‘Tea is for Tina’.

What’s a blogger?!

It seems odd now, but I didn’t know much about blogging, I’d never heard of big bloggers, and didn’t know you could make money from it or that I’d end up getting free gifts and invites to events. I obviously knew blogs existed, but that’s because I’d come across some when looking for reviews, etc. online. It seems bizarre now as I was already writing for websites and using SEO and online marketing techniques as well as social media for business, in my job, but just didn’t relate that to me rambling on the internet.

Finally, almost 2 years later, I realised that I should use social media for the blog to connect with some more people who loved the same things I did, and wow my little blog world exploded! I didn’t realise just how many people were doing this and how much social media could affect how many people saw and related to my writing. I didn’t even really share my own blog posts or anything, just linked my website in the bio and rambled in shorter sentences there too. Lots of rambling, always. 

It was amazing to see how many other bloggers were about, but also daunting to suddenly be part of this world that I didn’t really know existed. Since then, I’ve had so many amazing experiences and met so many great people because of this space of mine, and it’s changed my life in more ways than one. 

After blogging for 5 years, many lessons have been learned, many opportunities gained, but most importantly, it benefits offline life too.

How 5 years of blogging has benefitted me offline…


Blogging opened my eyes, and made me realise what I want to do with my life. It’s changed my work life and propelled my career as a digital marketer. I truly believe I wouldn’t have got my most recent job without all of the work I’ve put into this blog. Although I had my previous job in e-commerce and marketing, this is what pushed me into enjoying the intricacies of digital marketing.


I have always been quite reserved and quiet, and found it hard to approach people. I’ve likely gained some confidence due to growing up and workplaces, but I do think that pushing myself to meet new people and put myself in new situations because of blogging has had a great effect on my confidence. 

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Obviously, I’m still learning this, but I know that my blog could have done better if I had been consistent and worked harder on it. It made me realise what I could achieve if I put my mind to it, and made me more disciplined in a professional setting.

New Friendships

I’ve met so many lovely people because of blogging and am lucky to have a found a beautiful group of ladies to regularly spend time with as well as people I’d love to meet soon. I feel like my social life in Leeds really took off after meeting with some fellow bloggers – I finally found my people after quite a lonely start in the city.

Realising Potential

I always knew I was a capable person, but how much I learned about websites, coding, marketing, networking, design and more made me realise my potential in other ways. If I could learn all of that so quickly, I can learn anything! Not just career-wise, but I know I can do anything I can be passionate about and that’s a great feeling.


Blogging allowed me to be fully creative again. I have always written and loved photography, but I can do it with more meaning now, and force myself to improve. It’s also encouraged me to try new things, and creatively, I have opened my mind even more.

Personal Progress

I have always tried to better myself in some way or another, and I’m sure people do this as they get older either way, but having a blog has helped me to reflect and evaluate myself more. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m showing myself to a lot of people or because of people I follow inspiring me, but I know blogging has helped me on my way to progressing as a person.

Have you ever thought about starting a blog or do you have one? How has it or would it benefit your offline life?

Thank you so much to every single person following. It means a lot that you care. For those I speak to regularly, you genuinely make my life better! Massively appreciate those that are on this mad little internet journey with me! 💜