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  1. LifeofAmy says

    These tips are just want I need. I’ve always got clothes that I “might” wear one day. My wardrobe is well over due a clean up! Thanks for this post

    • Tina says

      The one day clothes are the worst, because some of mine I really loved, but they were wasted sitting in my wardrobe. Thanks, glad I could help in some way. Good luck! x

    • Rajwant says

      These tips are brilliant
      I have one day vintage clothes which I bought of eBay
      I haven’t worn them so they’re just in the spare wardrobe
      Will be putting them back on eBay or donating them
      I normally do a tidy up every winter for my summer clothes & every summer for my winter clothes and the clothes that I haven’t worn the last summer or the winter, I donate as I know I won’t be wearing them this summer and visa versatr

      • Tina says

        Thanks! Good clothes were made to be seen, so I think it’s great that you will donate or resell. I think a seasonal tidy up is a good idea too.

  2. Honey says

    These would be great if only I didn’t change my style and now I actually buy what I love so I don’t have any clothes to get rid off and I just buy new one (I’m terrible, I know)… However, I take a day every month or two just to quickly go through my closet, especially if I buy anything new, I like to keep things organized 😀

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagrampersonal blog Beehive

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