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  1. Hailey Jade Ryan says

    I would say I come from a family of hoarders. My grandparents are crazy, my brother has it, I do too. I mean, the house looks fine, but the attic or basement are filled with stuff that have been collected or kept for whatever reason. I actually regularly try to get rid of stuff and get it organized, but my brother couldn’t be bothered. Then again, he only cares about himself anyway, so that’s that. Anyway, if we were all to move out of the house one day, it would be crazy.

    I still love collecting, but I try not to let it get too crazy. I have gotten rid of a lot of collections. My biggest problem is being too sentimental. I have boxes full of just whatever, that I may or may not put into scrapbooks, someday. Maybe I should really start going through them and get like one bigger box and just get it all organized. I’ve worked wonders on my closet (I used to have two with three doors and an additional rack in the room. Nobody needs that. Not I have one closet and one dresser. And I also feel like sorting clothes out again. Yeah, maybe I’ll do these things this weekend. I need more things for the swap party anyway. I’m gonna check out your post on clothes, now. 🙂

    xx Hailey – http://www.haileyjaderyan.com

    • Tina - Tea Is For Tina says

      Did you do it?! Sorry, I’ve been without my computer and this is the easiest way to reply.

      It’s weird because I was always known as the hoarder, but now I see everyone else in the family as them! I am really sentimental too, about the daftest things. I realised that some things I kept, I couldn’t even quite remember why. Or things from people in my past, I didn’t need ten reminders from each, one was fine. So I narrowed it down a bit that way. There’ll be a post coming for sentimental stuff because it’s definitely the hardest part of decluttering I think. Thanks for your comments, I love coming here to find interesting ones! xx

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