Meet the Advertisers: December 2018

It’s time to meet the advertisers for December! Find out a little bit more about the blogs featured in my sidebar – you might find a new favourite!

Meet the advertisers!

The Undateable Girl’s Diary

The Undateable Girl’s Diary by Hailey Jade Ryan is a forever favourite and I will never stop sharing her posts!

An all round awesome person and blogger, if you haven’t already listened to me and checked out her blog, then just go and do it! Hailey is fun and spontaneous, but still supportive and caring, and I love how this somehow translates into everything she does.

Fancy some feel-good videos for a nice little cheer up or bit of fun? There’s a whole page full of them here!

Fave post: My Saturday Night Tinder Swipe 

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Alicia By Nature

Alicia By Nature

Alicia is a twenty-two-year-old lifestyle blogger at Alicia By Nature living in the south of England.  

This is a new blog to me, and I can honestly say I’m hooked. Wise words, thoughtful articles and interesting thoughts on blogging and social media. This blog is everything I love to read. Blog topics include self-help, personal growth, social justice, blogging tips for beginners and general lifestyle. There are also some fashion lookbooks. 

Alicia aims to post every day and from what I can see, she is somehow magically managing it! 

This blog will definitely be one of the ones I actually search for to read from now on. Also, check out Alicia’s YoutTube channel for lookbooks! 

Fave post: Is it possible to ever achieve body confidence?

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Royal Lifestyle

Royal Lifestyle by Honey is a blog I’ve been following for years now. Honey is a lovely and supportive blogger and friend who is always cheering on fellow bloggers.

From great nail art to fashion to thoughtful lifestyle posts, Royal Lifestyle has a bit of everything. I think the relatable posts and beauty reviews stand out as they’re so honest and Honey holds nothing back! 

As it one blog is not enough, there is also a second, more personal one linked in each post. 

Honey is doing Blogmas this year which means loads of great Winter and Christmas posts coming up so it’s a great time to follow!

Fave post: What to do during Winter

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That’s all for this month! Have you checked out the blogs above? Let me know in the comments and let them know where you found them!

Ads in the New Year.

In the new year, I am going to be changing a few things on the blog, and I’m not sure whether I’ll be keeping the advertising section. I love sharing other people’s blogs, but do so a lot on social media and in my Newsletter – which I clearly need to work harder on! 

Let me know your thoughts on the advertising and whether you click through to check out the blogs I share.