Advent Calendar Christmas Giveaway

For anyone who doesn’t eat chocolate, or have a fancy advent calendar, or just wants an extra present this year, I’m giving away a stocking filler gift every single day on Twitter! Join in on the Advent Calendar giveaway by simply following me and retweeting the competition posts!

The Advent Calendar

Prizes will include candles, books and anything else that will help you stay mindful this Christmas.

The first prize to kick it off is a gorgeous Yankee Candle Frosted Cinnamon scented candle. Follow on Twitter to find out what’s being given away each day! 

I wasn’t sure whether to do one big giveaway for Christmas or lots of little ones, and decided it’d be nice to give to more people rather than one so let’s see how this goes!

How to Enter

Just follow me on Twitter at @teaisfortina to check out the prizes and Retweet the competition tweets! 

A winner will be chosen everyday and prizes will be sent that week. (There’s no post office by me now so I will take a weekly trip I think!)

Christmas Advent Calendar Stocking Fillers

Extra info.

Regretfully, I can’t run such a large scale competition across more than one platform and as I want to say thanks to my followers this Christmas, I have chosen the platform where I have the most. 

UK only. With so many prizes, it wouldn’t work to send further for this one and prizes would likely not reach you in good time around this time of year. 

I have not partnered with any companies at this moment and have bought all gifts myself. 

Want to add a prize?

It can be anything from artwork, gifts or vouchers – it’s up to you!  Just email me at  

Have you got an Advent Calendar this year? What kind is it? 

I just want to say a massive thanks to anyone who reads this blog, follows me on social media, and takes time out of their day to chat with me, respond to my silly tweets, and especially to those that share my posts and add their thoughts.

I massively appreciate you! And to the ones that read everything and keep coming back, you make my day every time I hear from you!