Film Inspiration: Must-See Films!

Fancy some film inspiration?

Between Now TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime, I’m pretty sorted for films and television, but weirdly I don’t watch much on them. I decided to embrace the movie side of the streaming channels recently and have come across some great films! Some old, some new, some I watched years ago, and some I’ve never heard of.

Here’s what I’ve watched lately:

Death Becomes Her (1992)

Starring Helen Mirren, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis, I don’t know why this isn’t more talked about. Maybe it was at the time as it actually won a visual effects Oscar, but it apparently didn’t do too well upon release. I stumbled upon it by accident years ago and have recently rewatched it – still brilliant! Obviously the acting is fantastic. Helen Mirren’s character is fabulous as an aging actress who discovers an immortality treatment which she uses to finally out-do her long term rival. The women battle it out to the be the best, all while fighting over Bruce Willis.
It’s funny, bizarre, and makes you think about immortality! Easy viewing, great for with the older members of the family.

Just Before I Go (2014)

Comedy-drama directed by by Courtney Cox, starring Seann William Scott. I kind of already like it because of that. This film is a little dark as Seann’s character goes back to his home town to settle some differences with people before he kills himself. The story is quite beautiful, and makes you realise that while it may feel like the end or like you have nothing, there are moments in life that you may have missed or forgotten that make it worth it. I’m not crying, you’re crying! Definite cry film at times. Also definite laugh. Go be a barrel of messed up emotions!

Naked Gun Films (1988-94)

I never thought I’d like these films, but they’re so cheesy and ridiculous I do! They star Leslie Nielsen as an inept Lieutenant, and the filmmakers were not afraid of what they put in! They get away with so much in the films and manage to make predictable or silly comedy funny. They’re like the Carry On films, but cooler and funnier with some action thrown in too.

Have you seen these films? I love getting some film inspiration from other people, so let me know of anything you think is worth a watch below!