Leesa Mattress Review plus How To Create a Cosy Bed

If there’s one thing I have trouble with, it’s sleep! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m up late at night and early in the morning. My boyfriend is also a light sleeper so together we’re a nightmare! Comfort is important to us, and in order to ensure we get a good night’s sleep, we have worked on and I believe perfected the cosy bed! When I was offered to trial a mattress, that was the perfect addition to our already snug space so I thought I’d share how we created it. Want to know my secrets? Read on to get your cosiest ever bed plus an honest Leesa Mattress review. I even threw some lights on the bed because I’m just so blogger. 

Cosy bed tips

The Basics

Choose a good mattress that’s firm enough to support you, but with enough bounce or softness to sink into. I have been gifted the Leesa mattress and it’s perfect! See more below on the mattress of dreams! (and one that allows me to have dreams!) Plus, you can use the discount code TEAISFORTINA for £100 off!

Can’t afford a new mattress yet? Get a mattress topper – perfect for putting on an old mattress for extra comfort and support.

Leesa mattress cosy bed
Buy the Leesa mattress here!


Think The Princess and the Pea and you have us! We feel every little thing and sleep so lightly! One trick we do on beds is to put a duvet under the first sheet to give an extra boost – it’s like being wrapped in bedding and is so cosy! I haven’t had to do that with the Leesa mattress which is great!

Then on top, we have the sheet, the actual duvet, and some throws!

leesa mattress cosy bed

Good pillows

A good pillow makes all the difference. I have memory foam pillows and they do a great job at keeping my comfortable! I would also recommend trying a V-shaped pillow.

Decent bedding

Buy the cheap sets you find at Primark or the supermarket? I do too, but I tried some higher quality bedding and what a difference! I have never been so cosy! Try looking for a good thread count – the higher the better. I do still buy the cheap ones too because I love the designs, and I find just looking good is an extra comfort factor for me!

Lots of cushions!

Does your partner moan about the amount of cushions on the bed? Do you even have cushions on the bed? A pillow is not enough for ultimate comfort. Cushions offer extra support when sitting up in bed and can work with the rest of your bedding to create your cosiest space.

leesa mattress cosy bed


Play with the textures using cushions and throws to create the ultimate cosy bed. Colours have an important role too, as different colours affect your mood. Blue is a calming colour which is why I love light blue in the bedroom. I have layered a white waffle throw and a fleece light blue one, with assorted cushions to match.


If you want to relax in bed while reading, you will need a decent amount of light so as not to strain your eyes. Lighting in the bedroom should be soft and warm white is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Candles and fairy lights are perfect for creating ambience and making you feel at your most cosy.

Comfortable pjs!

I am a massive fan of pyjamas! I’m not at all sexy nightwear, more like full length flannel! I recently bought some gorgeous marble effect pyjamas from  Primark though and I’m in love. They’re fleece inside so really cosy, and keep me warm enough with just the shorts. 

leesa mattress cosy bed
Smile, read and take a pic? Impossible!

Don’t just sleep

I used to use my bed only for sleeping, but since my room makeover and getting a good enough mattress to sit on, I have found myself reading in bed more., sat on it while on the phone, writing…I’m typing this from my bed too, when I’d normally be at the dining table or desk. The bed has become my favourite place finally! From a girl who has never enjoyed bed – I know, weirdo! 

leesa mattress cosy bed

The Leesa Mattress

I was recently offered the Leesa mattress to try and while I was already a pro at cosy bed making, I didn’t have a decent starter point before. The Leesa mattress has given me my best sleep yet, and I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but I cannot express enough that your first thought for a good night’s sleep should be a decent mattress. A good mattress can change your life, and having family with bad backs, I know the choice makes a difference.

leesa mattress

What kind of mattress is it?

I have always liked firm mattresses, but think I was creating my own discomfort with them. The Leesa mattress is firm enough, but the foam moulds to your body so that you sink in slightly so that all of your body parts have comfort. I’ve been waking up without any aching body parts, which is unusual for me because I’m sure I sleep in weird positions! 

Is it any good?

The fact that this mattress has over 12,000 5 star reviews and has won so many awards for its design says it all really, but just in case you don’t like it, you get 100 days trial too! If you don’t like it, you can send it back and it will be donated to a charitable organisation so will not be wasted. They also give one mattress to charity for every ten sold, which is a company initiative I can get behind!

leesa mattress

My first night’s sleep on the Leesa mattress kept me in bed until 10.30am which never happens! I can’t remember the last time I slept until then and I felt like a whole new person! I woke up well rested with no aches – perfect!

What makes the Leesa mattress different?

The mattress is an innovative design of 3 foam layers, that adjust to your body to offer optimum support and comfort, and get rid of the drawbacks of traditional memory foam mattresses such as overheating at night and leaving long-lasting dips that are difficult to roll out of.


The Leesa Mattress is something I admit I was a little skeptical about (aren’t I always), but I’m so pleased with my new bed and so happy that I can finally feel comfort in one. This is something I have never really managed and I really feel like it’s helped my wellbeing so much getting such great sleep for the first time and having a cosy spot to relax. I almost feel like it’s too good to be true, but I’ve been using this for a while – we are asked to use for a month before reviewing because they want honest reviews – and I can’t find a fault. 

Also, look how stylish it is even without the bedding on? Definitely worth a mention! 

leesa mattress

Even Luna approves!

Want one? Here’s a discount!

Cosy Bed Leesa Mattress Review

You can get a huge £100 off the Leesa mattress with the code TEAISFORTINA. Buy yours here!

Don’t forget, if it’s not for you, you can return it within 100 days! There’s really no reason not to try if you’re after a good mattress.

Have you made your bed the cosiest it can be? How do you create a cosy bed? Add your tips in the comments below! 

Thanks for reading this giant post! I hope you can now create a cosy bed for yourself and get your best sleep yet! 

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Leesa mattress to review, but as always, all opinions are my own and I will always be honest in my reviews. Message me with any questions you have. The post also contains affiliate links.