The Best Christmas Party Dresses under £50

Christmas party dresses under £50

Yesterday, I wrote about choosing the venue for a Christmas party, but we all know the biggest choice most people have to make is the Christmas party dresses! For something you’ll likely wear once, it seems a shame to spend your hard earned cash on something really expensive, but you still want to show your colleagues who see you in your daily just-gotta-outta-bed hair bun and whatever-was-clean-outfit that you can look good!

Quiz clothing is a great go-to for inexpensive, but gorgeous dresses for all occasions. I’ve worn them on nights out, to Christmas parties and weddings. Going out dresses is what they do best, so I thought this would be a perfect time to showcase some of the best Christmas party dresses I could find.

Choosing a Christmas party dress

I love using the traditional colours for Christmas clothing and the same goes for the dresses. Dark or jewel greens, burgundy reds and metallics perfect for this season.  You can wear anything in those colours and still look festive! Going for an evening meal or to a party, I always prefer darker clothes, mainly because I don’t trust a room full of people and red wine! Navy blue and black are always good classic going out colours too. 

Christmas costs so much! Not only will you need a Christmas party outfit, but likely will be buying gifts, cards, decorations and travelling to see family and friends, so I always think its good to keep the costs low on an outfit for one night. Although, by all means, if you’ll wear it a few times, it might be worth going all out for that perfect dress! 

I’ve scoured through the Quiz Clothing website for you and chosen dresses under £50 (but they certainly don’t look it!) and it means more money left for the ever expensive party season!

Christmas Party Dresses

Have you chosen your Christmas party dress yet? Or will you be opting for trousers or a jumpsuit?

Let me know if you’d like an alternative post with outfits other than dresses! I just wanted to share this as know a lot of you will be wearing these.

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Christmas party dresses under £50