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  1. Rosie says

    I’m not buying a new dress this year but am wearing an outfit that I’ve worn before (although not around my workmates): a black and white midi skirt and cropped black top with tie waist and bell sleeves with red shoes. I only tend to buy a new frock for my birthday or if I’ve got a wedding to attend x

  2. Honey says

    Oh I love some of these! However, I won’t be buying one this year, but I always think green, red and glitter too 😀 you can’t go wrong with those. and if they’re appropriate length, you could totally wear them for a wedding or some night out during the year… 🙂

    • Tina says

      Oh sorry I missed this! Yeah, traditional colours are great! I agree, some could be re-worn for other occasions. It’s hard to find a balance sometimes to make use of the dress xx

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