My Perfect Night In: The Benefits of a Good Bath

Any dedicated follower or friend will know how much I love a good bath. Recently, my friend came to stay with me and I set up a bath for her exactly how I would do my own, and it’s safe to say I go all out each and every time.  When I was asked about my perfect night in by Sanctuary Bathrooms, I knew exactly what it looked like!

My Perfect Night In: The Benefits of a Good Bath

What you need for the ideal bath:

  • Candles (Featured – Yankee Candle votive)
  • Bath bomb (Lush)
  • Bubble bath 
  • Chocolate (So Free Milk Chocolate Alternative)
  • Body wash and scrub (Nivea and Lavera)
  • Face Mask (Origins)
  • Drink (Raffaello Prosecco)
  • Music or your fave tv show 
  • Additional extra – a bath rack to hold it all! (Sanctuary Bathrooms)
My Perfect Night In: The Benefits of a Good Bath

How do baths benefit you?

I personally feel many benefits of having a bath. When I come out a bath, no matter how I felt when I went in, I always feel more refreshed, motivated, tired in a nice way rather than exhausted, and like all my thoughts are in order again. 

However, there are definite benefits to all. Baths can:

  • Change your mood and give a more relaxed and positive mindset
  • Help you sleep
  • Relieve cold and flu symptoms
  • Burn calories – just read this and now I know my fave exercise!
My Perfect Night In: The Benefits of a Good Bath

Create the perfect night in.

  1. First of all, clear the bathroom as much as possible so you’re not sitting in a cluttered space. Decluttering changes your mindset instantly so it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to do this. 
  2. Run the bath to your preferred temperature, drop in some bubble bath and a colourful bath bomb!
  3. Poor yourself a drink  – I had a miniature bottle of Prosecco – or make a hot drink. This is where the bath rack comes in particular handy.
  4. Light some candles. Turn the lights out for a better ambience. 
  5. Relax, rest, watch tv (on a device away from the water!), read, eat chocolate (highly recommend the So Free Milk Chocolate Alternative – it’s dairy and gluten free and the best chocolate I’ve had in ages!)
  6. Put on a face mask. Already a massive fan of sheet masks, but the Origins Flower Fusion was so refreshing and my skin felt great afterwards. I’ll be getting more! 
  7. Close your eyes and let yourself just lay for a while. 
bath bomb bathroom sanctuary lush

After a bath, I always put on some comfy pjs, allow my hair to naturally dry and read, write freely, or watch a film to wind down for the evening. I refuse to add any stress or a need to think to my relaxed perfect night in.

My Perfect Night In: The Benefits of a Good Bath

What would be your perfect night in? Do you enjoy baths and do you go all out like me? Let me know if you have any other ideas to add to my routine!

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Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Sanctuary Bathrooms in exchange for the gifted products featured.