Best Halloween TV shows

I haven’t been out in a few years for Halloween, but definitely feel the spooky vibes around this time of year. I wouldn’t say I’m into this occasion as much as others, but that’s mostly due to hating Autumn, but I do still love scary films and tv programmes, and hiding away cosily in the candlelight on cold nights, so it’s the perfect time for some Halloween TV.

Confession: I definitely reused this photo from an old post about a Halloween night in

If you fancy scaring yourself a bit and having a Halloween tv binge, then here are some recommendations. Light some candles, grab a blanket and some snacks and enjoy! 

Halloween TV

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Half witch, half mortal teenager, Sabrina, navigating life between two realms.

An obvious choice, but it’s new on Netflix and while I haven’t watched them all yet, I’ve started, and this version is DARK! So far so good. I’m confused about who its made for, but it’s worth a watch to get into Halloween mode, so I’ll be giving it more of a chance.

Where to watch: Netflix

The Witches of East End

It sounds like the Eastender’s Slaters gone wild, but it’s actually quite a well made and interesting show about witches (obviously). A family of witches living in a small town trying not to get found out. Think Gilmore Girls with less talking and more demons.

I love how the story plays out and how it covers the history of all the characters, with a more realistic view of how witches would be. I’m really liking it!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Pretty Little Liars

Four high school girls lose a friend unexpectedly and are left with a game to play as to who killed her.

This one isn’t strictly a Halloween show, but this show gave me some messed up dreams when I binge watched it a while ago! A lot of weird stuff happens, and the story is ongoing and well done. If you haven’t seen it and like being a bit scared, but without pure horror, it’s worth a watch. All female leads and the usual teen drama style stuff going on which I love because I’m 17 in my head.

Where to watch: Netflix

American Horror Story

Obviously this had to make the list. This show is everything from scary in a fun way to full of gore and horrific discoveries. It depends on the series you watch, but it’s an interesting show full of twists that make you think and keep you on edge. 

Where to watch: Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House

I haven’t actually seen this yet, but everyone is raving about it! That usually means its rubbish, but let me know! It’s all about a family confronting the haunting memories of their old home and what drove them from it. Think I need some daylight when I start this one!

Where to watch: Netflix


A bit more of a fun and quirky show, about Lord of Hell, Lucifer, abandoning his role for life in LA. Action filled and exciting, its something a bit different and more of a detective show with a spin.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Oldies, but goodies. I watched these really late, years after they came out and finally got why people liked them. I’ve watched more Angel than Buffy and found it best for me, it’s a bit more grown up. Can’t go wrong with these classics and they’re spooky, interesting, funny and action-packed. All rounders for those who like less gore, although there is some. Angel is on Amazon, but I couldn’t see Buffy there.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Too scared for all these?

Just watch the Casper cartoon series instead to get into the ‘spirit’ of things! (See what I did there? Bet you didn’t.)

Do you like spooky shows? What Halloween TV. are you watching this season?