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  1. Honey says

    Have i watched any of these? No. Will I? Also no. I mean I kinda watched Buffy when I was younger, but I never actually watched episode by episode. I’m never into these series, however, I’ve seen Lucifer on TV and I have to admit I sometimes leave the TV on 😀
    also, is Sabrina the same as the teenage witch we all know or?

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

    • Tina says

      Haha, great comment! Thanks for reading despite not being at all interested 🙂 This comment made me laugh. No, Sabrina is different and its a darker series, I love the other one a lot more! Have to go back and watch that instead I think xx

  2. Hailey Jade Ryan says

    Ok, my favorite one on this list has to be Buffy. I mean, that show was something. I totally feel like re-watching the whole thing. Last weekend, I binged Sabrina and well, if was sooo dark and twisted. I just wasn’t feeling it! I do prefer myself the Sabrina with a magic finger tip. A show I’ve been thinking about re-watching all week, now. Maybe I should do that. I honestly watch too much, though. And Pretty Little Liars is definitely absolutely right for this list. I remember being home alone for a few days and just binging the show and it was sometimes super scary, Like you, I definitely had some trouble sleeping. The reast of the shows, I’ve never watched and oh my, I shouldn’t add more shows to my list. 😀

    xx Hailey – http://www.haileyjaderyan.com

    • Tina says

      Haha, add add add! Pretty Little Liars was so creepy at times! Yeah I can’t quite get into the new Sabrina, but it felt right for the list. I found Buffy on Amazon today actually. Not sure I could be bothered, but maybe its a background show for when I’m doing things. I’m running out of shows so might have to rewatch some too xx

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