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There are people in our life that we don’t necessarily notice, but that have the power to change our day, maybe even life if we’re willing to get dramatic. I was thinking about the people we come across day to day without realising how they affect our lives.

From the friendly face at your regular lunch spot, to the work colleague that you don’t know anything about, but always politely holds the door, says good morning to you and notices you enough to nod or say hello on days when you can feel invisible. 

The people from years ago that mentioned a book that opened your mind or a film that changed your perspective. Or the annoying kids in the shop that make you laugh while they’re driving their parents crazy.

What about your ex partners who you mostly hate, but had some amazing moments with, shared your innermost thoughts with? Or the ones that you loved, but just weren’t right for you.

Then there’s the ladies you meet in the toilets of a club who compliment your outfit, or let you know that there’s toilet roll on your shoe. 

We connect with people every single day, and its easier to notice the ones that annoy us, that walk slowly in front of us and get in our way, or the ones that upset us, or say something wrong. There are the family members who get it wrong sometimes, and the friends we lose along the way that we still feel angry with years later.

But what if we noticed the good people? The quiet ones, unknowingly changing our day. What if that person that held a door for you or the helpful retail assistant was given a bright and happy thank you? What if the stressed out parent shouting at their kids received a smile rather than feeling like their parenting skills were being judged? What if someone felt more appreciated for tagging you in a post on Facebook and thinking of you? How about the person with road rage beeping at you for no reason realising that they just took their bad day out on you and you let it go?

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I am lucky enough to notice these acts of kindness, and open enough to tell people how I feel. Not everyone can take me saying every thought, but I’m glad that I can tell them what I think, even if it makes me cringe or feel uncomfortable. How many times have you felt unappreciated, or wondered what someone thought of you?

When I lost my purse years ago, one of many times doing so, a woman was so kind that she took it around with her until she could get hold of me – I kept my phone number in it, luckily (anyone remember top up cards with it written on the back?!). She walked all the way across town to me with it. 

When I got my first ever kitten, Luna, last year, a young girl in the shop helped me with choosing everything I needed and giving me advice on how to care for her. 

When I’m working every day, my older neighbours take my parcels in, even though I know its difficult for them to get to their door, or feel comfortable opening the door to unknown people. 

And when I need to vent everything that’s on my mind, no matter how stupid it seems afterwards, I have friends that take it all in and don’t judge my crazy thoughts, but let me know that they’re there. 

So to everyone I’ve ever met, even if just for a minute, thank you for the tiny change you made to my day. And for those who know me well, thank you for taking the time to do so. 

The tiniest gestures to some can mean the world to someone else. Not everyone will appreciate it, but imagine if we all gave more of our time thinking of all the positives we see and experience each day and less time on the negatives? Even more so, imagine if we were the positive in someone’s day? 

Look back on your day, has a random person made your day slightly better? 

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