For the first time in my life, I had a whole weekend of football watching the World Cup in Leeds, and I thought I’d share how you can make the most of this most celebratory season in style! If, like me, you don’t follow football, you can have the best time watching some great games, or just enjoying the food and drink deals on offer everywhere!

How To Enjoy The World Cup

At Home

Firstly, don a shirt or something representative of the country you’re supporting because it’s much more fun! I failed at this! What’s British? I suggested buying some fish and chips! For the Germany v Sweden game, we had Swedish meatballs, shirts and big flags hanging up! And a Swedish and German person, so that helped!

You can make home viewing as fun as possible by going all out with a home full of snacks and drinks, some decorations and bunting, extra points for World Cup decs! Our lovely friends went a step further and brought the tv outside! So we had an amazing viewing sat in the garden under a gazebo (because Britain!). As it got colder, we covered ourselves in blankets and relaxed by the chimnea – perfect night!


There are loads of places all over that show the games outdoors. Search for your local outdoors viewings, grab a folding chair and. drink and get out there! The atmosphere is always fun when sharing a space with people outside, and you’ll be able to make the most of the sunny days we’re finally having!

In Leeds, you can watch the games at Millennium Square.

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Trinity Kitchen

A Leeds special, but on the Sunday for the England v Panama game, we went to my fave place, Trinity Kitchen, where they offered a free beer to everyone for every goal. I was very much up for a possible drink, but turns out they got 6 goals! Pretty sure they regretted that decision!

The many drinks were accompanied by the perfect football food, loaded fries and a World Cup Weiner! The Luxury Diner give no ordinary loaded fries, these fries are cover in cheese, onions, avocado, hot dog pieces, anything else you could possibly want on chips and things you’d never think of! The World Cup Weiner was a giant hotdog sausage wrapped in a circle and covered in good stuff, in a football-printed pretzel bun. It was such a fun, and filling meal and I cannot describe how much I loved it. I will definitely be going back! Which is great because The Luxury Diner aren’t going anywhere!

If you don’t live in Leeds, you could try making your own at home!

We also tried Vocation Brewery beer for the first time and this one was the perfect pilsner with a hint of citrus – so good on a Summer’s day.

World Cup Drinking Games

Even if you’re not into football, you can’t argue with drinking games! For the childish binge drinkers among us (hi!) you can take a shot for every goal, corner, etc.

Or you could play a great game of World Cup Bingo!

Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid of looking clueless when trying to embrace your new favourite sport. Ask all the questions, just not in the tense moments! Learning more about the game will help you to enjoy it more.

Do you enjoy football? How are you spending the World Cup games?