How to save money when you’re terrible at it

I have to admit that I am terrible at saving! This year, I have been trying to change my habits when it comes to spending, which is too easily done these days when I can easily use the contactless method on my phone! All those small contactless moments don’t feel like spending cash, where you have to hand it over, but they certainly add up.

Money has never been important to me, despite me wanting to have loads. I have an easy come, easy go attitude towards it. If I want to do all of the things I plan, I have to get better at keeping money, so when I was invited to the giffgaff Spend or Save event, it was perfect for me!

Buy a house. Get a car. Save for emergencies. Sort a pension. Afford children. Think about your future. Being an adult is constant pressure to save money, while having to spend more than we ever did when younger. Click To Tweet

The Venue

The event was held at newly refurbished, fairground styled bar, Cuckoo. With carousel horses and a glitter ceiling, bright pink walls and amazing pizza! It’s definitely worth checking out when out in Leeds.

Spend or Save

Aim of the game

Spend or Save is a game by giffgaff all about spending your money wisely and trying to save as much as you can. You start out as a fresh-faced 20-year-old with £1,000 to get by. As you make your way around the board you’ll have many incomings and outgoings to keep track of – from paying rent and dealing with bills to picking up a freelance job.

A bit like Monopoly, but each time you complete one circuit of the board you’ll find you’ve aged five years instead of just getting money! It’s your goal to have more money than all other players by the time you reach retirement.

To help you succeed, you can decide to spend money on specific ‘Life Goals’ at any time, like buying a car or getting married. They’re expensive, but they carry bonuses that may help you out in the long run.

Just make sure you can always make it back to Pay Day!

Playing the game

This game was so fun and we had a great time playing. Choices were difficult and the pressure was on! It really resonated with real life, without being a heavy handed way of looking at finances and how you prioritise your spending.

How else giffgaff can help you save?

giffgaff revolutionised the mobile industry with its philosophy of mutual giving and savviness, but they wanted to translate that into other areas of member’s lives.

Finance is complicated, but essential to reach life goals. How do you make yours go further? Click To Tweet

giffgaff are designing a service for members to help them be more in control & better at being on top of their money.

They want to help members get savvy and get smarter insights into their finances, understand their money and build a better credit score, believing that understanding your credit report can be the foundation for building healthy finances.

They’ve built a few tools to get you started, with more on the way and will be working with their members to build a worthwhile platform.

How to make your money last longer

I don’t feel at all qualified to tell anyone how to save, but lately I’ve been trying to look after my finances a bit more and I’m kind of doing it! Kind of…

There are the obvious things like put away a chunk of your money each month and simply spend less, but if you’re like me, here are tips…

How to save when you’re when you’re rubbish at saving:

Make lunches. 

I know I sound like the ultimate millennial, but I buy lunch out so often!Making my own lunches has been great. First there’s more choice, and secondly, it’s way healthier and cheaper!

Think twice.

I used to buy everything on the spot just because I liked it a bit and wanted it in that moment. Now I think about how I’ll use it or where I’ll wear it and if it will sit around gathering dust soon.

Declutter your home.

This is something I have been doing ongoing this year and my home and life (not to be dramatic!) is so much better for it! You could sell anything still good and make some cash, but ultimately this helps you save because, as above, you think differently towards bringing more into the home. Try the declutter challenge and read my tips here.

Batch cook.

Constantly buying new ingredients for different meals and not buying in bulk means spending more on your meals. I’m not saying be boring and eat the same thing for days, but cook a giant bolognese or curry and tub some up – you can have it for lunch or dinner the next day, or freeze to have later on. Cheaper, and less effort when you get in at nights!

Save the unexpected money.

Get in from a night out with some leftover cash? Put it in a pot. Get home from work and have cash in your purse form lunch? In the pot. Any money you thought you would spend, stick it in one of those tins you can’t open until full. It’s surprising how quickly it builds up. You can fit up to £1000 in some tins and I’ve saved hundreds in a short amount of time. All from money I didn’t even think about.

Get another account.

Transfer money each payday into a bank account that you can’t access easily. Throw away the card, or don’t sign up online. Just keep transferring a set amount that you can afford into it and it’ll soon build up!

I hope you find these tips from a spendaholic useful and are able to save some money to put towards your life goals!

What would you like to save for? Do you have any extra tips? Let fellow readers know in the comments!