Meet the Advertisers: June 2018

This month there is only one advertiser – my marketing skills at play again! – but it’s one of the best people, so it doesn’t matter!

This is a repeat advertiser, so you’ve probably heard lots about her already and hopefully checked out her blog, if not, what are you waiting for?!

Sometimes you find a blog that’s so easy to read you just keep clicking on next, and with The Undateable Girl’s Diary by Hailey Jade Ryan, I get just that! I’m a regular reader of Hailey’s blog and she’s one of my faves!

Her posts are hilarious and relatable, and it’s great to get a glimpse into life in Germany and her exciting travels. I’m always inspired! I adore her as a person too, she is always great to chat with and has a love of all 90s things, which I definitely relate to! She’s also incredibly hardworking!

Each month on the blog, there is a goodbye post to the month including everything that’s happened, an update on life, movies to watch and an inspirational post on each, and I just love them!

I mention this every time, but I love the bucket list on the blog! I have my goals post that I keep going back to, but I’m not committed enough to put in a separate category!

Don’t miss out on finding a great new read!

Check out: Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

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